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UNM Applied 2019... WHAT I LEARNED FYI

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I Applied last cycle 2019 and I wanted to share my feedback with you all..

  • UNM Alumni 
  • Registered Vascular Technologist (Vascular Ultrasound)  
  • 5000+ Volunteer Hours with Multiple Organizations (including Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student) 
  • Be The Match, National Marrow Donor Registry wrote me a recommendation letter including all the volunteering I have done for them
  • Culturally aware, lived in Korea plus travelled to Thailand, Japan, Vietnam and The Philippines.
  • GPA last 60 hours was 3.39, overall science and math 3.0

What I wanted to share with everyone because it is important is:

  • Dealing with the NEW Advisor she will tell you conflicting information as the previous AMAZING advisor, as now ALL THE GPA MATTERS, when the old Advisor said last 60hours only.....
  • She will tell you they accept ONLY 2 out of state applicants, not true.
  • They used to have 2 seats for lower 3.0 GPA's according to old Advisor.
  • They are not reading over the application at all.....FYI
  • Was told in my feedback I had NO VOLUNTEER HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
  • I had 6 PUBLICATIONS WRITTEN UP ON MY VOLUNTEERING with a link to each article included 
  • & a recommendation letter from Be the Match about all my volunteer work with them
  • plus my supplemental application was also written about a volunteer project I implemented in Korea 
  • This was my proof they did not even look at my application!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I submitted my application in May 2019 at the beginning of the cycle and it obviously wasn't read then.
  • I no longer believe ESSAY is that important, read mine and you will know why.
  • Myths, essay will help them understand where you are coming from, why you weren't a traditional student and helps explain GPA. ( Not iF they aren't reading it to begin with)



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