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  1. Those of you that were from out of state would you mind sharing your ethnicity? I believe it may help those not getting interviews or acceptance understand a little more. Because believe it or not, UNM is known to take those that are diverse over Caucasians, and I have been told that if you come from Gallup/or Native American you basically have an automatic in.
  2. Congratulations to everyone that received interviews! How exciting I don't think I will receive a interview, since the stipulation of " Labs must be completed in person" was JUST added to the website. Obviously not all of us are traditional students that have that option, since living abroad in Korea and having a professional medical career did not allow me face to face setting. Super excited for you guys!! Also as far as I am aware, the interviews are in a group setting 4-5 at a time.
  3. @blinky I received confirmation for the supplemental application 4 weeks after I submitted mine. Good Luck!
  4. @pa5991 I definitely think you should go ahead and submit the supplemental! You have worked hard and made it this far Good Luck!
  5. @jusjam123 @jtexasb @smile4fun When you guys click submit, double check to see if a confirmation email will be sent within 24 hours. I am almost positive I saw this but never received anything. Good Luck everyone We can do it!!
  6. I took General Chem II and UNE, I found the best study online as the lectures were dry and read verbatim. I had to dedicate 3 hours daily or more, but Chemistry is not my strong area. The percentage break down offers lots of opportunity to end with a high grade, I ended up with a B+. Good Luck, you can do it!
  7. Good luck to everyone applying this cycle Only applied to The University of New Mexico Verified 05/13/2019 Stats: Registered Vascular Technologist with ARDMS - 5,000 Patient care hours Bachelor of University Studies, May 2013: University of New Mexico ; Associate of Science in Vascular Sonography, August 2015: Jackson College 5000 Volunteer Hours - Be The Match Foundation, F.L.A.G Japanese Exchange Host family for a year, Saint Baldrick's Foundation, United Blood Services.... Post Baccalaureate Science 3.4 3 Extra Highly recommended courses 6 Publications relating to Volunteer Work as Mrs. New Mexico 3 Publications relating to professional Movie work 5 International Experience ( South Korea ( currently living), Japan, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam
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