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Applying too late?

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Is applying to PA schools mid-july too late? My earliest deadline is Oct 1st. I have to take a pre req over the summer (1 class plus 1 lab so 4 hours total) and they won't be finished until mid-july. I don't want to apply without them because my GPA is pretty average (3.5 cumulative, 3.4 science), and I think having all my pre reqs completed before I apply would increase my chances. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance.

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I'm going to be honest. The deadlines these programs say is to get more money from people whose applications will not be looked at. For example. I applied six weeks before the deadline for a program last cycle, and was told after the cycle that the reason I never heard back was that it was a week too late. I would say call the program and ask. Because, the coordinator for mine told me June 15th, when the deadline was September 1st. But, it all varies from program to program.

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