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Resus leadership academy

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Anyone out there consider or complete the Resus leadership academy fellowship?  Looks very interesting, however also pricey.  However it is put out by Scott Weigart and his team.

Price point puts it just a bit below may of the online doctorate programs out there.  Would think that it may open up academic doors but unsure.

Any thoughts?

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I applied, was offered a spot, but declined due to price. This is all online. Nothing hands on in person. I feel like with a good thought out plan and self created curriculum you could probably get most of the info for a fraction of the cost. Only thing missing would be the online video chats (and you only get 4 of those each month with the highest cost plan). 

Given the source of the info no doubt this would be incredible, but without an in person component I dont think it's worth the cost. Now if it were the cost for the resuscitation fellowship that he runs at stony brook that would be a different story.

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