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  1. That is basically what it costs and gives 60 CME cost can be spread out over 18 months https://resusleadershipacademy.com/
  2. Anyone out there consider or complete the Resus leadership academy fellowship? Looks very interesting, however also pricey. However it is put out by Scott Weigart and his team. Price point puts it just a bit below may of the online doctorate programs out there. Would think that it may open up academic doors but unsure. Any thoughts?
  3. I work in an ICU that does a 36hr work week. Currently we do 1 PA on per shift for 24/7 coverage. Currently there are 5 of us. Ends up being a fair number of weekends. I am just wondering what other staffing modes are out there. thanks!
  4. HI Anyone out there take the CHEST Mechanical Ventilation: Advanced Critical Care CME? i I was wondering how in depth it is, not a great outline on their website. thanks!
  5. Does anyway any ballpark idea on how much tuition is to the ultrasound leadership academy? I am assuming it is quite expensive and time consuming but I imaginge content is great. On a similar note has anyone heard anything about the resssusitation leadership academy. From their website it looks like it is still in early pphases of production. I'm not sure if that is something open to PA's at this point. I imagine anything put out by Dr Weingart, will be super high qulity high yeild stuff.
  6. Some useful U/S sites http://sonospot.com/ www.sonocloud.org www.sononorway.com http://www.echoguidedlifesupport.com/en/home.html http://www.med-ed.virginia.edu/courses/rad/edus/index.html https://vimeo.com/channels/aeus http://emergencyultrasoundteaching.com http://www.emsono.com/acep/exam.html www.ultrasoundpodcast.com
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