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Starting the Journey.. with Some Baggage

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I was a premed with a pretty terrible GPA and junior year I switched to a liberal arts major once I decided to go into the workforce. I graduated in 2014 and went to work in the healthcare IT consulting world. This placed me often in hospitals, but more focused on process management than clinical experience. Recently, I’ve been looking into the PA route as I enjoy much more working to help people. I know this is long journey (at least 1.5-2 years from applying) but any advice this experienced group can give would be greatly appreciated!

CGPA (graduation): 3.0 (sGPA was pretty low probably around 2.5). I retook a semester of oChem right after graduating looking for jobs and got an A. Since then haven’t really taken any additional science related courses. Took the GRE with a cumulative 320 (more favorable in Quant). 

My understanding is I would need to retake most of the science courses since they will be invalid upon application. Since I work full-time I would retake these courses online or at a community college. I’m also started classes to gain an EMT certification so I can start accumulating hours over the next 1.5 years. I’m hoping PA schools will take my experience into consideration and give someone a second chance who made mistakes as a 20 year old. A big obstacle for me is a majority of these core science courses I took getting B and Cs. 



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Don’t be discouraged, I had multiple F’s and F’s on my transcript from when I was 18-20ish. Some in prereqs too! I came back as an older more mature student and crushed my courses. I took just about 70 credit hours and scored a 3.98 GPA. I was accepted to PA school my first cycle. I did have significant PCE though. My cGPA was a 3.04 and my sGPA was a 3.44

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