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The Airline Industry and Medico-legal implications of the Black box

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Bob, I'd like to comment on this article and make a larger point.

A direct quote from what you wrote in the article:  "Ignorance of potential drug complications demonstrates apathy and lack of concern for your patient. What can you do to protect yourself from a judgement that has the ability of destroying your career?"


-"....A judgement that has the ability to destroy your career...."


This is not hyperbole.

That one snippet really sums up for me everything that is wrong with being a provider in medicine.  Like the epicenter of a nuclear blast, if you have a lapse of insight or incomplete comprehensive knowledge concerning the infinite number of drug to drug interactions and BOOM!  The blast is ignited.  The mushroom cloud moves ever outwards vaporizing finances, mental health, family relationships, wrecking credit, increasing risk for addiction and even wipeout the ability to get a job moving forward.

That is what destroying your career really means.  But malpractice lawsuits don't just stop with your career.  They have the real possibility of ruining your entire life.

It's a hell of a thing what we do.  All I keep thinking is, there but by the grace of God go I...

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I agree Cideous and often reflect on how fortunate I have been after practicing in many specialties with much exposure. I can only assume that I was lucky or fortunate to never have been nailed on this issue because I know that I was just as guilty as anyone else particularly in the early years before technology.

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