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How much time to take off to prep for PA school?

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Hi, wondering what’s a good time frame to quit my job (very unsatisfying work, low pay) and prep up for PA school? I have been accepted to a program that starts in August 2020 and wondering what other students did between the time? 

I haven’t taken classes since I graduated in 2018. And I am not required to move since the school is local. Im wondering if it’s worth to look for a new job since I only have 8 months, considering that 6months are the standard probation times for new employees. I currently have a decent amount saved for school but I could get another ~20k in those eight months. Or should I just prep and take time to myself? Advice/recommendations/suggestions/ critiques are very much appreciated. 

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Try and work as much as you can for as long as you can. When you start the program, any money saved up will help. I stopped working up until 1 week before the start date. I'd suggest requesting LESS hours 1 month prior so that you can bush up on some A&P and anything else relevant. If money isn't an issue, quit now and enjoy life before school starts.

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Guest thatgirlonabike

I would stay at your job.  It may be low-paid but it's healthcare and got you into school so hopefully you can continue to learn from it.  I left my job a month ahead of time and traveled for a little over 2 weeks.  Then just took some time to chill and move (only 2 hours away).  

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