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Laptop vs. Tablet

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Hello! I am starting PA school soon and was just seeing was PA-S recommend getting for note taking. I know everyone has their own learning styles and many programs now provide/ require iPads for many of their students but what do you all recommend?! 
My program recommended iPad in the beginning. However most of our files are PC based so many iPad users agree struggling. I have a surface pro with matching stylus and I love it!

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PC/MAC. Depending on your program, testing software will require a PC or MAC. If you wanna get fancy, go with a combo. Many students in my class (including myself) have Surface Pros. A majority have the newest, I have the Surface Pro 3 ( $350 almost brand new on ebay) and it operates sufficiently for school purposes. A few students in my cohort began with tablets ( with a Bluetooth keyboard) and all have since transitioned to a PC/MAC. 

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I am starting in the summer as well. My program said in the acceptance materials that we needed a laptop, but I'm considering a 2-in-1 so I can write on it as a tablet during class. Has anyone used one of these or have any advice on the best one to buy? Looking at the HP and Dell. Thanks!

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On 2/18/2022 at 7:18 AM, dressnature said:

Hello. I would appreciate some input from guy/gals that use an iPad/Tablet for actual work, rather than just consuming media. My equipment has always been a desktop for power use and a laptop on the go. That said, I have owned the original iPad and another - a mini or some such that I still have. They were/are great for consuming as I said, to pass the time in a hotel room or doctor's office, but I never found a use other than that.

It seems to me that the purchase of, say, an iPad pro with a keyboard and a stand just gives you an ersatz laptop, with nowhere near the capability of an MB Air. Or does it? If you use a slab instead of a laptop for actual work, I would like to know why you chose one over the other.


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