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Need Employment Attorney for Non-compete Issue

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Western Washington resident here and in need of some help.

First job about a year in in primary care at a large organization. Many verbal agreements have been broken by employer and workload steadily increasing without increased pay. Discussed with management on numerous occasions who became upset and threatened to "possibly" end my employment. I have some decent job prospects nearby I would like to pursue.

Problem is my non-compete clause I signed which states:

My noncompete agreement:
- Applies to within 10 miles of primary location of employment. If contract breached, there will be a court order that I terminate my employment with new employer.
- Also will have to pay 20% of last 12 month of wages.
- After termination for any reason plus 24 months, cannot work for ANY medical competitor within 10 miles.


Any thoughts on my issue?
Anyone in Washington break a non compete clause with a large employer?
Would of course like to discuss my non compete with an attorney. Anyone have a suggestion for a good employment attorney in Western Washington?


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