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Following up with schools?

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My advice is: be patient. Every school has a different process in how they send out interview invites and rejections. Some schools where I applied send out rejections as they send out interview invites. Others wait until everyone in the class is selected to send out rejections. Do you know if the schools where you applied use rolling admission? If not, that means the adcoms are likely sorting through 1600+ applications all at once, and that will take some time. I know it is tough, but it's the hardest part, and there are tons of applicants in your position. Good luck!

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I would only reach out to schools for the following reasons: 

1. You never received notification that your application was processed or under review.  

2. The timeline in which they stated they would view your application has passed. 

Otherwise, do not reach out to the schools. They get 2000+ applications and you don't want to be "that guy" asking where your application is. 

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