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  1. I have written my personal statement and mentioned that I am bilingual in English and Spanish. My native language is English, but I have taken 10 years of Spanish courses and would consider myself pretty fluent (I use my Spanish daily with patients in an inpatient setting). Has anyone who has had past interviews, and is bilingual, been given an interview question in their second language? This could just be pre-application anxiety, but I see myself potentially walking into an interview already a nervous disaster and then just totally blowing it if they asked me a question in Spanish that I didn't quite understand. Thanks in advance!
  2. I had my LORS submitted 1 week after CASPA opened; all were submitted on time. Everything else for my application was submitted 15 days after CASPA opened. I have a feeling that I may have applied to early? Maybe I was looked over because I appeared too eager. I also did not have ANY direct patient care hours the first time I applied which I think was a huge downfall on my application. I liked my personal statement at the time of submission, but now as I reflect on it, it did not set a stage for who I am and why I want to be a PA. I was very baffled though as some of the schools I knew I had a good chance at rejected me very early on. Thank you for reassuring me that you also feel the process really is unpredictable. It is incredibly difficult to work on improving your application when the "improvements" may not be what they want for the next incoming class. I had applied at UNE and was statistically the exact same as a co-worker in GPA, GRE, hours, etc; she got in the year before me and when I had applied, they informed me that scribing was starting to be less valuable to schools and I didn't get in because they had put in the new requirement of direct patient care hours. This next cycle I will be fine tuning my application and hoping for the best! Thanks for your insight.
  3. I only applied to 3 higher ranking programs and didn't have the direct patient care with that application cycle. Other than the personal statement and LORs (all of which were determined to be genuine and professional) do you have any additional advice?
  4. Hi all, I wanted to thank you in advance for any advice that will be given on this topic. I will be applying for the second time in April 2019 and I am kind of caught up as to where I should apply. My first time applying, I went more of a geographic approach (I applied to places I would like to live) while also considering how I compared to the previous classes. Out of 13 schools, I had 1 interview and I was waitlisted at that school. I have been doing extensive research on school statistics and although I meet all minimum criteria and seem to be average for most schools, I fear that where I apply will be the wrong choices (I was pretty surprised at my lack of interviews). Did any of you have a system to narrow down where you wanted to apply? How do you pick schools that are the most likely to offer you an interview? Stats: GPA: 3.5 Science GPA: 3.44 Direct Patient Care Hours: 2,150 (Phlebotomist, Medical Assistant) Indirect Patient Care Hours: 6,750 (Emergency Room Medical Scribe, x3 years) Volunteer Hours: 350 (Free Medical Clinic) Shadowing Hours: 80; Orthopedics, Trauma, ER, Internal Medicine GRE: 308; W 4.5 Undergraduate Science Courses: Immunology, Genetics, BioChem, A&P, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Microbiology. Other application boosters: From a rural area, 1st generation college graduate, both parents deceased when I was 16. Thanks!
  5. I would apply to 12-16 schools. Any more than that is a waste of money; especially since your stats are very strong. If you do not have volunteering hours, I would advise that you stay away from any schools that have an emphasis on "serving the underprivileged" or schools that require a certain amount of volunteering hours. If they mention serving the community in their mission statement (I know a couple of the Arizona schools do) then they expect that you will show your willingness to do that in volunteer hours. If you have a goal of July 1st for a submission date, but you have zero volunteer hours, I would recommend that you extend that application date to August 1st and get two months of volunteering under your belt if you really want the best chance at getting in. I volunteer at a free clinic as an MA and it has changed my life and my aspect of becoming a PA for the better. All in all, whatever school you are looking at, look at their statistics from the incoming class and double everything. That will make you the best applicant. Best of luck to you. Don't forget, applying is hard and the waiting game is harder.
  6. Has anyone heard of more movement on the waitlist? I understand that they began pulling from it in Mid March; but today is May and I am losing hope...
  7. Don’t forget to fill out FAFSA even if you haven’t been accepted to a program yet. :)
  8. I know they are interviewing till February, so I am sure that there are more people waiting to be interviewed. Also, there are people on the active list as well likely waiting for things to move, but I dont think that happens till April. Probably quiet secondary to PTSD on this website... ;) I am sure people who have accepted will reach out soon.
  9. Hey everyone, Just wanted to say thank you for all the support and advice. I think I have a better plan developed now thanks to all of you. :)
  10. Unfortunately, where I am located in Oregon they only offer the course through the community college and it takes you two terms to complete the CNA certificate which totals out to 6 months of time and 2,000 dollars. It's pretty frustrating, but does not seem to change across different cities in this state. GRE is balanced, 154, 154 and 4.5. I appreciate the reality you have attached to my GPA. I think the science GPA is the culprit. Unfortunately during the time I took these courses I experienced my personal hardships, so without that hindering me, I should be able to excel and get only A's in these courses. Do you recommend that I take all courses less than an A, or could I get away with just retaking B's and less? (I have nothing less than a C+) The cost is the issue here since I have to work full time to support myself and additional classes are very expensive here. Thank you for your support and advice on this forum, I have really needed another person to help me sort some stuff out.
  11. Its comforting to hear that someone with similar stats has gotten in. Unfortunately, I had my entire CASPA app completed, verified and submitted to 13 schools within 10 days of it opening. So even though I applied super early, I dont think it was advantageous for me. Did you improve your GPA with any post bacc or did you retake any classes that you didn't perform well in?I've had one interview where I am waitlisted and I am waiting to hear back from three more schools. I've been struggling to determine a plan because of all the options available to me to improve things and the cost of those improvements. Thank you so much for your advice!
  12. Diggy, Would you say that CNA on a PA application is essentially a waste of time then? Just really trying to balance money here and I can get an MA job and make money or I can go through 6 months of CNA and spend 2G.
  13. Hey guys, This application cycle did not go well for me and even though it’s not over, yet, I’m expecting that it will be soon. With this in mind, I need honest advice about what to improve for two cycles from now (I don’t have enough time to improve between now and April). Here are my stats for this cycle: GPA: 3.40 SCIENCE GPA: 3.22 GRE: 308 HCE: 4800 hours as chief medical scribe (emergency room) PA Shadowing: 80 hours (ER, ortho, primary care) LOR: 5; 2 physician’s, 1 Medical director, 1 PA, 1 senior organic chemistry professor. I have a plan to obtain CNA licensure and work as a CNA until next Application; retake any science intensive courses that I got a B- or less in; volunteer with disadvantaged patients. Does anyone have additional advice? Does a CNA give you more solid experience vs something like a Medical assistant? Does anyone know if they take personal downfalls into account (both parents passed away in college and high school)? Does post bacc have to be at a university? (Asking because of cost). Any advice would be appreciated, thank you so much.
  14. Oh okay, great. I mean, I hope it works out for everyone, but with a last name near the top of the alphabet, that's a scary speculation. Thanks for clarifying!
  15. Is it a for sure thing that they are sending out invites in alphabetical order? Other schools i've interviewed at did not do this.
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