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Hospital system salary negotiation

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Finishing up a critical care residency and I'd like some advice on salary negotiation. They're offering me a position to stay but the offered salary (105k for 37.5 hrs, which is x3 12.5 hr shifts, per week, accruing about 1.7 shifts of vacation time per 4 weeks) is lower than what I was hoping for given my 1 year intensive training along with the great feedback I've received through the year. New grads start at 99k and then increase to ~105k by year 2 so essentially my residency didn't account for anything (financially that is. educationally I freaking loved it). During the chat I felt too intimidated to negotiate a higher pay because I'm unsure if hospital systems are able to shell out more than their preset pay scale ladder (x years experience = x salary). Is this a thing or am I making up excuses in my mind to not ask for an additional 5k?

CME stipend $500

Pay for picking up extra shifts: 65/hr daytime, 70/hr nighttime, 75/hr weekends

8% contribution to 403b no matter what I contribute <= this I am very excited about and am considering it to be equivalent to ~10k extra

Location: NYC 😬

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The key to negotiation is being willing to walk away.

I've negotiated with systems who told me 'we use a matrix and don't negotiate'.  I told them I just simply couldn't accept the job at the rate offered and would have to politely decline.  Took them about 5 seconds to tell me they would talk to someone.

Bottom line, doesn't hurt to negotiate.  $500 for CME is a joke, btw.  Ask about license/etc payment, PTO, insurance, etc.  The 403b is great but everything else needs work.

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