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Internal Medicine - Job Offer

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Good evening, everyone!

I got a job offer for internal medicine. I have a feeling it is a bad contract, but I thought I would throw it out here regardless. I'd appreciate any feedback! Please and thank you!


-2 weeks vacation, 3 weeks vacation by year 3; 5 National Holidays

-%3 raise yearly

-Noncompete clause - no primary care within a 10 mile radius

NO CME; License Reimbursement; Any subscriptions; Health insurance

Hours are 9 to 5:30 with a 30 minute lunch, dedicated MA, avg 18 patients per day.

He wanted me to start at $48 but then upped that. I think this is not a great package. But maybe I am being too greedy? I am new grad so I am not sure when I am asking for too much. This is a small private practice and he says he does not have a huge profit margin.

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Sorry for an offer like that.

Hourly isn't bad depending on your region, expected patient load for a new grad (if I remember right) is way over the top. 

All of the things listed as a "NO" are things that are included in any normal contract in my opinion. Small practice or not that's ridiculous.

I'd recommend walking away.

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I also agree. Walk away. This job will burn you out as a new PA. You should be seeing that many patients closer to your first year for internal or family. 

I think keep looking, as a new PA you have much to learn but you also deserve a good package, minimum of health insurance coverage.

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