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Suggestions for Possible Re-applicant for 2019

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I am currently awaiting to hear from 2 PA schools to see whether or not I get in after interviewing with them.  I have been waitlisted in a 3rd program after an interview. I am here to ask if anyone has suggestions as far a how to improve for the next cycle? I am guessing that my stats/hours/personal statement are good, or else I wouldn't have been invited for interviews. Should I start gaining more PCE/HCE/shadowing now, or wait a little longer to hear back from the programs? I am currently not gaining any PCE hours, as I work for a medical transcription company.  I feel a bit lost -- not sure if I should get more hours, start getting ready to re-apply, or just sit tight for a bit longer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance! 


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I would recommend getting ready to reapply immediately. There is only a few months left before CASPA opens back up and if you do not get in this cycle, programs are going to want to see improvement. It sounds like you know what to work on for your specific case, but you are already late getting started to improve your application. Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. 

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Guest HopeToBePAC

IMO, I would just wait it out. There's many schools that are still accepting students this time of year, and will probably continue to do so for the next few months. I'm guessing you would hear back from them no later than March, with the new cycle opening in April. Then, if you don't get in to either school, you could start preparing then --and you would have until the end of June/early July to submit your app (if you want to be earlyish), giving you 3-4 months to improve your application in any way you see fit. Hope this made sense!

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Consider that if you do NOT get in this cycle and reapply next year - these programs are going to expect improvements - and they likely will expect nearly an additional year of HCE/PCE - which it doesn't sound like you have.

All applicants should always operate under the assumption that they won't get in and will need to reapply - take classes, retake GRE, keep earning quality PCE.  At this point you likely won't be able to enroll in any classes.  And 3 months of PCE (maybe 600 hrs?) won't be that impressive if you wait.  Some schools don't reject until the incoming class starts....that could be well into the next application cycle.  As an aside, I wonder if medical transcriptionist qualifies for PCE at many programs (sounds more HCE) unless you're essentially a scribe.

Consider how you would change your personal statement.  Practice interview skills.  There's a lot you can and should be doing.

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