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  1. Does anyone know if UD discloses the place you are on the waitlist? Thanks in advance!
  2. I haven't heard either way. I interviewed in November.
  3. I think this is totally normal, especially if that is your first time in the OR. I tend to get a bit lightheaded if I overthink things. For instance, once I was in the OR and one of the nurses said to me, "Did you eat breakfast? Make sure if you feel like you're going to pass out, you sit down so you don't hit your head!" I had been completely fine up until that point, and after she said that, I started overthinking things and starting "imagining" that I was getting lightheaded. Anyway, don't rule it out -- just because you're a PA doesn't mean you have to work in the OR! You do have to do a surgical rotation, but you can make it through that!
  4. I would definitely apply ASAP, rather than wait until August. CASPA says that you definitely don't have to apply on the first day the application opens in order to have a better chance of getting in, but applying before August will definitely increase your chances of getting early interviews, etc.
  5. Hello, I am currently awaiting to hear from 2 PA schools to see whether or not I get in after interviewing with them. I have been waitlisted in a 3rd program after an interview. I am here to ask if anyone has suggestions as far a how to improve for the next cycle? I am guessing that my stats/hours/personal statement are good, or else I wouldn't have been invited for interviews. Should I start gaining more PCE/HCE/shadowing now, or wait a little longer to hear back from the programs? I am currently not gaining any PCE hours, as I work for a medical transcription company. I feel a bit lost -- not sure if I should get more hours, start getting ready to re-apply, or just sit tight for a bit longer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  6. I haven't heard anything yet! Has anyone else received an acceptance email?
  7. Does anyone know how often Kettering pulls from the wait list?
  8. Has anyone received a rejection email/letter? I was never invited for an interview, but I have heard that the interviews are over, so I am assuming it is a rejection.
  9. So, I know this isn't something you probably want to be talking about if this pertains to you, but has anyone received a rejection letter/email? Or do they wait until the very, very end to reject applicants?
  10. Congrats!! I'm not accepted (yet!! haha!) but I have an interview on Monday...what type of interview style is it? Any tips/suggestions?
  11. I have an upcoming interview -- anyone have tips for the interview style? Behavioral, group, one on one, etc...? Thanks in advance!
  12. I haven't heard anything either. ?
  13. My main answer is going be about the specialties. NPs are stuck with one, whereas PAs are much more diversified. Also, like @Bf555 said, NPs don't have gross anatomy labs, which is super important for me. I mean, we are caring for patients and their bodies, so I really want to understand what the human body actually looks like and how it functions inside.
  14. Does anyone have any tips for interview day? My interview is the 6th -- just trying to be prepared!
  15. I am still on the waitlist - haven't heard anything. Should I consider this a rejection since Oct. 20 has passed?
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