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  1. Does anyone know how often Kettering pulls from the wait list?
  2. Has anyone received a rejection email/letter? I was never invited for an interview, but I have heard that the interviews are over, so I am assuming it is a rejection.
  3. ek1114

    Ohio: University of Dayton 2018-2019

    So, I know this isn't something you probably want to be talking about if this pertains to you, but has anyone received a rejection letter/email? Or do they wait until the very, very end to reject applicants?
  4. ek1114

    Ohio: University of Dayton 2018-2019

    Congrats!! I'm not accepted (yet!! haha!) but I have an interview on Monday...what type of interview style is it? Any tips/suggestions?
  5. ek1114

    Ohio: University of Dayton 2018-2019

    I have an upcoming interview -- anyone have tips for the interview style? Behavioral, group, one on one, etc...? Thanks in advance!
  6. ek1114

    2018-2019 Cycle

    I haven't heard anything either. ?
  7. ek1114

    PA over NP

    My main answer is going be about the specialties. NPs are stuck with one, whereas PAs are much more diversified. Also, like @Bf555 said, NPs don't have gross anatomy labs, which is super important for me. I mean, we are caring for patients and their bodies, so I really want to understand what the human body actually looks like and how it functions inside.
  8. Does anyone have any tips for interview day? My interview is the 6th -- just trying to be prepared!
  9. ek1114

    2018-2019 Cycle

    I am still on the waitlist - haven't heard anything. Should I consider this a rejection since Oct. 20 has passed?
  10. ek1114

    Ohio: University of Dayton 2018-2019

    I haven't heard anything and submitted my app in June....anyone else still waiting?
  11. ek1114

    2018-2019 Cycle

    I haven't gotten an interview yet either - hopefully soon!!
  12. @prepa887 I am in the same boat - I applied in June and haven't heard a thing!
  13. Did everyone hear about their interviews via email or phone?
  14. I have an interview 11/6! How long after your interviews was it before you heard you were accepted?
  15. ek1114

    Quality of PC Hours

    Honestly, I think those are good quality PC hours. And if you don't have anything specific to talk about in your essay about the patients, that's fine. I briefly brought up my overall experiences as an STNA in my personal statement, but I didn't talk about anything specific (like "Mary just really impacted me because..." haha!). Just emphasize your strengths in your personal essay - don't try to "fit the mold" by only focusing on your patient care.

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