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I've worked at this site for 2 years. Would love some feedback on this offer..

Renewal  contract:

  • The greater of 75k base salary  or 32.2 dollars / wRVU
    •  reconciled monthly (This is right around the 50% wRVU reimbursement for my region) 
    • Last year I had about 3300 wRVU (would have earned approx 106K in this through RVU reimbursement) 
  • plus 10K per year in loan repayment for 3 years
  • 3K CME 1 week CME 
  • 4 wks PTO(accrued --approx 7 hours PTO accrued per pay period) 
    • includes sick, holidays.. basically any day away from clinic is PTO.
  • Health insurance decent , but I get it through spouse anyway.
  • 403b  match:  25 % of salary deferrals up to 6% of compensation... vested after 5 years. 
  • employer paid long term disability insurance (60% of monthly pay) 
  • employer paid life insurance


*edited to reflect some of the good points in following post... 

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I don't know enough about RVUs to speak about it but I worked on strait per-visit productivity for years. I liked it because it was a system that generally made everyone happy. If I made more then the doc made more. If I made less the docs made less. Want to make more? Work harder. Downside no work...no money. Take a week off and earn nothing. No paid holidays.

The CME offer is better than many these days. With online Cat I CME everywhere and major organizations offering their own programs they give less and less. I am paid well and get 5 days of time off but get $1200.(The docs get 6k...don't get me started.)

4 weeks vacation is solid. Is that PTO? Is the sick time too or is it all-in-one? Also no pay during your month off. I'm about to take 4 weeks for carpal tunnel surgery and I'm getting 100% while I'm off.

You didn't mention health insurance which is the second biggest reason I go to work. Short and long term disability? What if you get jury duty for 2 weeks. (It can happen it did to me. Paid 100%) Bereavement?

These are all smaller things but add up to real money over time. Factor in all the days you could be off without generating any money.

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