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On ‎9‎/‎17‎/‎2018 at 6:01 PM, ND2525 said:

Hi - anyone who has already had an interview with TJU East Falls campus, can you speak to your interview?  What kind of questions were asked?  Was it a group interview?  Was it interactive?

Hi! I am starting at East Falls campus next summer and am very excited! So the interview day was pretty straightforward. It started at 8am and lasted until about 1pm. You are split into three groups to interview, tour, and ask questions. The order in which you do those things are random (I went on tour first, then questions, then individual interviews). The tour is given by a PA student and we saw the different buildings where we'll be spending most of our time in the program. We didn't go inside the cadaver lab or the simulations lab but could see through the window how it was set up. After the tour we had Q&A with faculty and staff. Basically this is a chance for us to ask any questions about the program. Lastly for me was the interview. It was individual which is a huge bonus because I know group interviews are stressful. All of the faculty was very kind and did not make me feel uncomfortable at all. They asked pretty standard questions (you can find common PA school interview questions off of Google. Mock interviewing with someone will definitely help). Just be yourself, stay confident and tell them why you deserve to be there!

Good luck!

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