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  1. https://m.facebook.com/groups/320855595159231 hey I made an unofficial one a little bit ago to start the networking!
  2. I did not interview with Paul but I will say that I interviewed there two cycle in a row and my second went better than my first. I’ve been on a few interviews to schools that do their best to intimidate you and put you under pressure. Don’t stress about it if it didn’t go well. You’ll have more opportunities to present yourself if this one doesn’t work out. A few of my interviews were extremely uncomfortable but it was clear they were trying to see how I handled stressful situations. My advice is hold your ground, smile, and tell them why you deserve to be there!
  3. Here is the facebook group for East Falls accepted students :) Hope I did it right ha https://www.facebook.com/groups/320855595159231/
  4. I'd like to make a facebook group for Jefferson East Falls class of 2021! Unfortunately I cannot make one without inviting at least 1 member. Please feel free to DM me if you are committed to East Falls campus and want to be a part of the group so I can create and share a Facebook group on this thread for others to join. Thanks in advance :)
  5. Hi! East Falls sent me an email saying they received my application on 5/22. I received an email for an interview invite on 7/31. They do have a cadaver lab, though we did not tour it on the interview. Hope this helps!
  6. Hi! I am starting at East Falls campus next summer and am very excited! So the interview day was pretty straightforward. It started at 8am and lasted until about 1pm. You are split into three groups to interview, tour, and ask questions. The order in which you do those things are random (I went on tour first, then questions, then individual interviews). The tour is given by a PA student and we saw the different buildings where we'll be spending most of our time in the program. We didn't go inside the cadaver lab or the simulations lab but could see through the window how it was set up. After the tour we had Q&A with faculty and staff. Basically this is a chance for us to ask any questions about the program. Lastly for me was the interview. It was individual which is a huge bonus because I know group interviews are stressful. All of the faculty was very kind and did not make me feel uncomfortable at all. They asked pretty standard questions (you can find common PA school interview questions off of Google. Mock interviewing with someone will definitely help). Just be yourself, stay confident and tell them why you deserve to be there! Good luck!

    NHSC 2019

    Hi everyone, I figured I would start a new thread for the upcoming application process for the National Health Service Corps I'm interested in applying for this coming school year 2019. Does anyone know when the application officially opens?
  8. Both campuses are great! I applied to both but got my interview for East Falls which is ultimately why I chose that location. I love it actually, it gives you a little more of a suburban feel (more green and not as hustle and bustle as center city’s campus) whereas obviously center city’s campus is very busy right in the center of the city! Hope this helps!
  9. I submitted mine very early (end of May, beginning of June time) but I’m pretty sure August 14th was their one of their first interview cycles so I’m sure you are being considered!
  10. I accepted my seat at the East Falls campus! I interviewed 8/14 and got my acceptance email on 8/22. I know it's early but please let me know if there's a facebook group or something for the East Falls class of 2021! ? Good luck to everyone in your application cycle! This is my second cycle - so don't give up!!
  11. I received that email too and interviewed last week at East Falls so don’t count yourself out! I think it gets sent to everyone who applied ?
  12. Wait now I feel like you need to tell us lol the anxiety is already too real. Fill us in please
  13. That is great! That was when I was waitlisted as well. Happy to hear you were accepted! How did you hear?
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