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  1. I also received an interview offer for the waiting list on 5/8/19 for 5/13/19, which I declined because they said if I were to be accepted from the waiting list I would need to retake my a&p 1&2 classes but I wouldn’t have time to retake those courses before the program starts.
  2. Hey everyone! I’ve been accepted to TJU East Falls Campus! If anyone needs a roommate DM me!
  3. I’m not too sure, but I know that for me, they told me I could start in August 2020 vs starting August 2019 because I’ve finished most of my prereqs, so I wouldn’t need to be there the whole 4.5 years even though I technically start in fall 2019. Hopefully that makes sense! I would call and ask!
  4. Hey everyone! I got an email stating that CUNY was still reviewing apps. Is that true or are the interviews basically over?
  5. Ok! Where are you coming from? Do you need a roommate? I know I’ll need one! Lol
  6. The other 2 classes I have to take is Challenges of Death and this statistics lab course. But yes I haven’t taken developmental psych and they said I could either take it at DYC or take some classes in the summer before we start in the fall since I would technically be a student at DYC even tho I don’t start until Fall 2020.
  7. Hey! Yes I spoke to Carly and since I’ve taken most of the prereqs she said I can start the 2nd year of the program. I have to take biochem, patho, gross anatomy, and 2 other classes. I’ll be taking developmental psych and orgo chem in the summer. How many classes do you have to take?
  8. To those of you transferring in from another state, let me know if someone needs a roommate! I need one, but I won’t be starting until Fall 2020 if I’m not accelerated.
  9. I would talk to Carly! She was really helpful! Tell her you want to be on the waitlist to be accelerated and she will add you on there!
  10. I’m still on the waiting list to be accelerated. Were you accelerated from when you got accepted?
  11. For those of you who are accepted, is anyone looking for a roommate?
  12. Me neither. I did submit my app to CUNY kinda late (October). I dk if I will get anything. Hopefully we hear something soon.
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