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DOT Case/Presentation: Feedback Appreciated


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Let's say you are performing a DOT physical on someone with the following:

Patient in there early 50's with history of anxiety, and no other reported medical problems.  Patient is taking Trazadone 50mg QHS and Lexapro 20mg QD.  Patient states that they have a history of approximately 15 episodes of syncope during their lifetime (non while driving) which has been attributed to vasovagal response 2/2 severe anxiety.  Patient reports prodromal symptoms of syncope including dizziness/lightheadedness/diaphoretic.  Patient feels if he ever did experience these symptoms driving, he would know to pull his vehicle over.  Patient believes that the vast majority of the episodes are related to medical experiences (going to doctors office, having blood drawn, etc).  His last episode was 8 months ago.  

He has 3 letters with him:

1)  From a board certified neurologist stating normal neurological examination and as long as anxiety is controlled he sees no contraindication to operating a commercial motor vehicle.

2)  From a board certified cardiologist stating normal cardiac examination.  No contraindication to driving from a cardiovascular standpoint.

3)  From a psych APRN stating that he has been stable on his medications for 8 months with no side effects from medications.  States anxiety is "in good control."  States "Cannot speak to his ability to safely drive/operate a commercial motor vehicle."  


Would you consider clearing this person to drive?

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Commercial driving is laden with anxiety producing situations, hours, and timing. 

If this person encounters road rage, a wreck, a person cutting them off, bad weather - what is to say he/she won’t pass out? 

The meds mentioned - lexapro is fda approved for generalized anxiety. Trazodone can cause a stuporous hangover. Neither actually controls syncope.

Perhaps a non-driving, non machinery related job is in this person’s future....

I would not certify and I am a DOT certified examiner.

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