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Should I graduate and do post bacc or should I delay my graduation?

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Okay guys I'm stuck in a pickle. I'm currently starting my senior year next week and I have ~30 credits remaining to graduate (19 of which I'm taking this fall semester). My gpa is not the best right now as I'm currently sitting at a 3.0 nor is my science gpa good either. But I want to change that by taking more classes and improving my gpa. But if finish my remaining 10 creidts during the spring, I wont receive anymore fafsa for my other courses I want to take  (retakes and more science classes) Now, should I just take a few of my required class spring semster and save the rest for next year fall and spring (or maybe even add a minor). That way I can take more science classes and retakes till next year. Or should I just graduate and finish my degree and take classes that'll count as post bacc and do well in them. Either way I'm determined this time to get straight A's. Which do you think will make my gpa look good in my application.

And also am I allowed to do the former to get fafsa till next year?

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From a 3.0 with 3 years of college under your belt, even if you did 2 equivalent years of 4.0, you're still looking at a 3.4, which is not a great GPA for someone without much PCE (not saying you don't have enough, just noting that you don't mention it at all, and Juniors who suddenly wake up to the fact that grades mean something are not usually non-traditional students who have a ton of life experience behind them)

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