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Non- Traditional PA APPLICANT

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Hello everyone, 


I am 32 years old, Brazilian, US citizen, living in Virginia. I hold a bachelor's degree from Brazil in International Relations evaluated by WES . I also have a TOEFL score of 88 and 1 semester of MBA in an US college. I am switching careers to either Medicine or PA and I have no experience in the heath field and will need to start from zero in order to take high level math and science classes required to the PA program because I did not take any biology, chemistry, psychology in my bachelor's program.  

  I would really need some counseling to know what path would be better for someone with my background. 

Options I am thinking about are: 

1-Take all the prerequisites a la carte (keeping in mind I need to take more than those prerequisites for the PA like MTT 1, ESL 51, ESL 52, CHM and BIO 141/142, etc...

2- Apply to a second bachelor's degree in Biology or an Associates degree for example and complete the prerequisites that way

3-I noticed there are some PRE-PA programs but most of them is less than 38 credits and because my bachelor's degree is not from US, I need to have a total of 90 credits in an US college. 


In addition, I would like to get a certificate in CNA or medical assistant to gain the hands on patient care experience on the side while working on my prerequisites. 


I am really confused and when I call the PA schools around me they are not very helpful. 


Hope you guys can give me some opinion. 



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  • Administrator

First, being a U.S. citizen gives you access to government financial aid. This is an opportunity, but can also be a trap.

Second, I'd consider starting with work in the field--CNA or MA are both fine choices--to make sure it's something you really want to do.

If it is, I would try working and taking classes at the same time, working up through your prerequisites, so that by the time you are done, you will have all the PCE hours you need to get considered.

Do not think your international degree status is a handicap.  You sound articulate and already well-functioning in American education, so a portfolio evaluation or a TOEFL score is just a box to check for you, not a huge hurdle to overcome.

Best wishes in your journey!

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