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I took the GRE once, a few months ago, and have been going back and forth on whether I want to take it again or not. When I took it the first time I only had two weeks to study because I was trying to take it before my classes started. I got a 151 (52%) in verbal, a 145 (20%) in quantitative, and a 4.0 (60%) in analytical writing. One thing that is holding me back from taking the GRE again is that I already applied to schools and I don't want to schedule to take it and then not need it or even do worse than I did the first time. Even in high school when I had to take the SATs the math section has been my weak score. I also don't want to not take it again and have my current score hurt my chances of getting into a PA program. I currently have over 1,000 hours of PCE and HCE combined, 200 hours of volunteering, 17 hours of shadowing two different PAs (one surgical and one ER), and multiple leadership and teaching positions.  My GPA is average, about a 3.52 cumulative and a 3.4 science. Should I retake the GRE or will my first score be okay?

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Your GRE score isn't bad, especially since your stats look good. Ask the schools that you applied to if they recommend retaking it. Give them a brief overview of your GPA and healthcare hours, and see what they say. It is a little late in the application cycle to study for it, retake it, and send your scores. You also already applied to schools, so you might miss their deadlines to update your score. If the deadlines are near (within a month or so), I don't see the point in retaking it. If you have time and the schools recommend retaking it, then retake it. If you do not get an acceptance this cycle, ask the schools why and consider retaking it

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