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  1. Potatolife

    One outstanding prereq?

    August can be late for rolling admissions. Find out if you can take an accelerated spring course, you would finish in 7-8 weeks. Many community colleges offer accelerated spring/summer classes. Also, apply to schools that don't mind if you have one outstanding prerequisite. Good luck!
  2. Potatolife

    Fired from my tech job

    You have not ruined your chances for PA school. First, apply to other jobs. It's a shame because that experience is awesome, but you cannot do anything now. I think you should put that you worked at a burn unit for PA school, but check off the button that says do not contact. You may explain it during your interview. I think you should also go to the PA school information meetings, and ask them for their opinion on what to do
  3. Yes, that’s why I made this post lol is this your second time applying? How was your experience the first time?
  4. Potatolife

    I want to become a PA

    You can retake them at a community college. You don’t have to take them at a university. PA schools don’t really care where you take them, as long as you’re taking the correct course. They usually have course equivalencies on their websites. I live in Michigan too, so I know Upper-level courses are only offered at universities, but you will be able to take most prerequisites at a community college. Taking prerequisites at a community college is cheaper and the classes are smaller, so I recommend it over a university
  5. I wouldn't retake the GRE
  6. Potatolife

    online PA schools

    Even if you attend an online PA school, you CANNOT work during PA school. It is a very heavy workload, it would be extremely difficult (and probably impossible honestly) to do well in your classes while working. So, no. You cannot earn your PA degree while working your current job. Many NP schools have part-time options, but you would have to be earn a BSN first. Some programs offer an accelerated BSN for students who have a bachelor's. You cannot work during that program either though
  7. Potatolife

    Masters or Graduate Certificate

    An accelerated BSN is a good option. You can get it done in 1-1.5 years, you will earn a second bachelor's, have an RN career with a good income, and gain patient care experience. If the graduate certificate in medical physiology is beneficial, less than a year, and you feel like you would actually use it, then go for it
  8. Potatolife

    I want to become a PA

    1. Do not get a graduate degree if you don't plan on actually using it. It's a waste of time and money. If you really want to, there is an accelerated BSN option for students who already have a bachelor's. It's approximately 1-1.5 years, and you receive a second bachelor's. Pros: you will gain patient care experience as an RN, you will have a second degree for PA schools to consider, you will have a career, and a great income. You probably have all the classes anyways. That will be about 2-3 years before you can apply to PA school, but at least you'll have a good career and income while waiting. What I think you should do: If you did not do well in your prerequisites for PA school, I would recommend retaking them and earning As. Take 1-2 classes a semester while gaining patient care experience as a medical assistant or CNA. I say 1-2 classes a semester because I don't think it's really necessary to cram 3-4 difficult classes in a semester to prove you can handle the workload (others might disagree since it could be a good indicator for how well you can handle PA school workload). I think taking 2 classes while working full-time as an MA/CNA will show you can handle a heavy load in general. 2. Get at least 1,000 hours of direct patient care. Then apply. 3. I'm sure you can find clinics to work at as an MA without having to be certified. Drop your resume off at every clinic. My advice: retake prerequisites to get As, work as an MA/CNA while doing so, and study for the GRE. Good luck
  9. Some schools require proof for the shadowing that you did. UDM doesn’t require it, but you can upload it if you have it
  10. Potatolife

    Are you happy as a PA?

    Thank you everyone for the thorough responses!
  11. Potatolife

    Are you happy as a PA?

    I did answer it. I said I wrote it in my personal statement and that I was not going to explain that here. I got what I wanted out of this post, the honest part of the profession from PAs who enjoy being a PA and PAs who wish they were physicians. Good luck to you! :)

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