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Article and Report Advocating for Expanding PA Scope of Practice Laws

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In case anyone missed these, here is a Forbes article written by a PhD economist that advocates for increased scope of practice for PAs & NPs. Forbes is one of the few publications that seems to consistently put out articles covering PAs and PA issues in a positive light, which is nice to see.

The article is written in reference to a recent report from the Brooking's Institute ( a non-partisan Washington think-tank) that outlines how removing barriers to practice for PAs would improve the US healthcare system. This report outlines things that many on this site may already know, but it's nice to see a pretty extensive policy proposal done that examines some of the evidence on this issue and can be used to help sway lawmakers as PAs work to introduce OTP legislation. 


Link to the article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/adammillsap/2018/06/19/its-time-to-expand-scope-of-practice-laws/#6479dae72c64 

Link to the abstract (the full report & policy brief are linked on the left side of the page): https://www.brookings.edu/research/improving-efficiency-in-the-health-care-system-removing-anticompetitive-barriers-for-advanced-practice-registered-nurses-and-physician-assistants/

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