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What are my chances?

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GPAs are about average, strong PCE, and slightly above average shadowing hours. Your GRE is below the 50th percentile and this is where your applicant falls short. Besides that, I think you'll have a shot at getting in. Be cautious about applying to programs that require 300 and above GRE score.

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58 minutes ago, mlm915 said:


I think most people here will echo the sentiments expressed by @Diggy.

GPA is average. I would say it’s below average for programs that prioritize academics where you see sGPAs and cGPAs averaging in the 3.6 to 3.8 range. 

GRE is below average, although not a deal breaker. You will need to be mindful of programs with minimums as you will not meet the cut offs for all programs. 

PCE is the strongest part of your application and that should help you to get interviews. 

Overall, if you apply broadly (at least 10 - 12 schools) and early (by the end of June) I would imagine you will get a few interviews at least. You will be a better fit for programs that prioritize patient care experience over academics and I imagine that you have more success apply to these kinds of programs. If you looks at class profiles for programs you are interested and see high average GPAs, that might not be the best fit and you will be less likely to get an interview.

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MEDEX, university of Utah and OHSU are three that come to mind. But MEDEX and OHSU both show a preference to residents. I’m on the west coast and am mainly applying out here so I’m not sure about other programs.

I know that Duke leans towards a holistic view of applicants although your GRE is quite low compared to their averages. 

I would look at programs you’re interested in and check out their hour requirements as well as averages from the class profile. If they require 2,000 hours for application that’s a good indicator it could be a better fit. If hour averages are 4,000 or more, that’s also a good indicator.

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