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Pre-req Questions on CASPA Program Materials Section

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Hello! I'm currently filling out the program material section for each school, but I'm a little lost. I would greatly appreciate your recommendations or any input! 

1. One program requires additional bio courses excluding the pre-reqs and states "Biochemistry is recommended." Would you recommend inputting biochem for their pre-req section or a bio class with a higher grade? 

2. Another program "recommends, but does not require" the labs for bio classes. If inputting the labs lowers my pre-req GPA, should I exclude it from the school's pre-req section?

Thank you so much in advance.


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Your GPA is cut seven ways to sundown on the CASPA report reviewers see, along with all your grades themselves. When I review, I don't spend much time on the prereq average. I personally put more weight on the science average and specific grades.

Not sure your decision here makes much of difference whichever way you go.

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