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Leadership experiences in CASPA?

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Hey guys!

I am in the process of inputting all of my experiences into CASPA and am wondering how to classify a couple of different things:

  • I have a lot of non-clinical work experience, like a decade of various jobs in the food service industry. I have had two different jobs in restaurant management specifically that I plan on listing. Clearly this is non-clinical employment, but I feel like it's also strong leadership experience? In one position I was a supervisor and in the second I was senior manager of a well known local restaurant.
  • During my last 5 months of scribing I trained new scribes about once a week. I listed my scribe hours under HCE, but can I make a separate entry under leadership experience for the training hours as well? 
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Just my opinion so take with a grain of salt! But for the second one, scribe training I would put as a separate entry., meaning to count it for both. Obviously in the leadership section just specifically talk about the amount of time you committed to training and what you did etc. Did you have to obtain any other licenses or certifications to be a trainer? As far as the first one, I wouldn't double list restaurant experience. Either count it as leadership experience or non-clinical work experience. I feel like it's a stretch to cross list it in your application. The leadership experience I believe is more along the lines or leadership positions held in organizations, clubs, etc. Maybe if you required a certification/test/license to train, that would be a little different. But OTJ training is pretty standard and almost expected in certain careers, so I'm not sure if that's considered quality leadership experience or not. Just my two cents!

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