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PHR---Physicians for Human Rights

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Before you turn off because the topic is "Physician for Human Rights" let me explain and ask a question. First I would suggest that interested PAs go to this website. Secondly, I attended a Gala in NYC for this organization as they go to all of the hotspots around the globe and give both medical care and perform forensic documentation which is used to bring criminal to the world court. One of the people who received a distinguished award is a retired Oncologist who works at the Arizona border to help the immigrants who are sick, injured and dying. This is also open to RNs, NPs and PAs. Another recipient was the RN who was arrested and handcuffed because she followed her hospitals protocol for blood draws. The most touching was a physician who practices her humanitarian skills in the Mideast where females as young as 3-4 years old are taken from their families and repeatedly raped and sold from one person to another. Many are tortured and killed and placed in mass graves from ISIS and other groups. this same issue is prevalent in Africa. If you are interested in seeing the video of the main recipient and the Mid East experiences, please contact me personally and I will send it to you in an email. My email address is surgblumm@gmail.com. Thinking of Missions and a new field of study? They will train you in Forensic Medicine. 

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