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New cycle - Reapplicant

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So I applied last cycle (2017-2018) and I was waitlisted at one school after interviewing and I was waitlisted at 2 other schools for an interview. I have treated my waitlist as a rejection and have taken two classes, built up my PCE and continued community service. My question is, I have rewritten my essay slightly and will be applying to all these schools again and I wanted to know if I should include in my essay (since it's going to be seen by multiple schools, including new ones) that I was waitlisted or the fact that this is my second time applying? The only reason I would do this is to show that I am continuing my fight to get into PA school and that I am motivated by applying another round. For the most part my essay is done but if I should include this I want to start making changes now.

Thank you!

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