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  1. I spoke to them and they said that is not allowed. Unofrtunately my program does not allow for any deceleration or taking breaks. I have been dismissed from the program with 100k in debt. Not sure what to do with a bachelors in Psychology. Paying that loan will take me a very long time even with two jobs and I do not have professors to write me a recommendation for nursing or any other degree.
  2. I spoke to my advisor with the faculty present and I have been dismissed from the program. No retakes, no deceleration, no coming back unless I reapply and start all over. I am at $100,000 debt with a bachelors in Psychology and have no job to fall back to. This is the worst phase of my life and I have no where to get out of it.
  3. They do not allow for repeats. Once you fail the EOR three times they usually hold a meeting to decide if they should keep you, which with my grades in rhe past most likely would mean they wont. At this point I am overwhelmed and I do not feel like studying anymore.
  4. Hi everyone. Just wanted to update. So I failed my EOR 3 times and I am on the verge of leaving since they dont have deceleration. The PAEA exams were tougher than in-class exams. I have a bachelors in psychology and 90k in debt now. I have no idea what to do with my life anymore and I think I am having major depression. Thinking back I wish I never chose to do this. I dont have anyone to give me recommendation letters anymore for me to do RN or anything else for that matter. I tried searching online and it seems as if no one was really in this situation. I was a year away from graduating and
  5. By simple I did not mean an easy job, otherwise I would go back to being an ED tech, but speaking to a lot of RTs, the schooling (classroom and rotations) is definitely more simple compared to PA school. And I know they don't make a lot of money but I'm not even into making a lot. I'm not sure why I'm even thinking like this to be honest. It's not that I don't want to be a PA, I just don't have any motivation or desire to study so much. I feel overwhelmed with all the diseases, treatments, diagnosis and especially pharmacology which just isn't sticking. I also was the only student that did the
  6. This is not how I felt when I began undergrad. I was extremely motivated to study and gain knowledge. I was very focused as well but the stress levels were lower. Thing is, prior to getting into PA school I was an EMT/ED tech and I liked how my life was going at the time. Stress was a lot less, living a healthy lifestyle, having time for friends and family, and exercising daily. I'm not sure if I hit this mental state because of the stress PA school has brought or if it's because of depression that I feel this way because I did not feel like this in the past. I was also never a good test-taker
  7. Hey guys. I wanted to give an update. Hope you all get a chance to read this. I started rotations two weeks ago so I made it thus far. But, I have the same feelings again. I passed my last trimester with bare minimum. I did not study much due to the weather but now in rotations I'm overwhelmed. I mostly don't have the energy/motivation/desire to study anymore or put in so many rotation hours. I just want to get paid. I realized this past year I do not do well under stress at all, especially when it comes to school (I have never been a school kind of person). I know I put so much money and hour
  8. You all are amazing! Thank you so much. So, I did end up failing one more exam but I think I am learning how to study for it. It did get me down the first day but I knew I had to pick myself up and move on since I still have two exams left in that course. I have been motivated. I know to put extra time studying. I'm making sure I understand every slide before I move on and I'm finding ways to memorize and understand the material in a short time. Although I'm upset because I made very silly mistakes (I do think my test taking skills and study skills are truly lacking) but I am trying to get bet
  9. That's amazing! I'm glad I know now this feeling seems mutual with many. I wish you all the best! We will conquer.
  10. I did know it was hard but I did not know what made it hard. It's not the material, it's more so the time constraint due to classes being 7-8 hours a day and then studying for 5-6 after that and trying to get sleep to be able to function and then having 2-3 exams a week. I am not giving up anytime soon. I have decided to put 110%. I have worked a long 7 years without ever doing a fulltime job because I've only wanted to get into PA school and become a PA and I did use up a lot of time, money, and energy to get here so I will not give up that easy. I do want to be a PA. Thank you so much!
  11. Thank you so much. I've done two exams since and have done really well. I am, however, struggling with Pharmacology and Micro (2nd exam coming up, 1st one did not go so well). Hoping the way I'm studying will work.
  12. That's a good idea. A lot of my classmates either already have their own study groups (Especially the females) or they like to study alone and do group questions 1-2 days before the exam. I guess I can ask around but for the most part, I have studied alone and have done better like that but maybe I can try with a few people who are willing. Thank you
  13. Not too far. Just to a neighboring state. And thank you, I will.
  14. I will definitely try that. I guess my failed exams have traumatized me. I know if I start to pass I probably wouldn't think like this. Hopefully, and eventually, I can find the way that works for me (it's what I really fear, that I won't find that method) but group studying is a start. Thank you very much for the feedback!
  15. Thank you so much. This has motivated me. If I study my hardest and still don't make it, at least I'll be able to say I tried my best and gave my 110% and if my hardest is sufficient I'll make it. Thank you for the wise words!
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