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I want to take the opportunity to apologize to the pre-PA forum participants and the other staff here for NOT restricting our recently-banned troll after I locked the first thread.  I have thick enough skin to ignore the barbs directed at me, but I should't have: he turned right around and directed them all at you who tried to help him.

If you missed the drama, good.  If you didn't, you have my promise that I'll be quicker with the block button when we have a poster with SDN-level snark polluting the boards.  This isn't an echo chamber, but nor is it an open invitation for random people to belittle your choices.

Do try and keep to the high road, no matter how tempting it is to react.  I saw a few folks getting (justifiably) hot and bothered in the now-gone threads, but that's never going to fix anything, so in case of future trolls, please resist as much as you can.

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