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New PANRE option 2 exam

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I'm also looking into it

I thought they were going to release a blueprint for the new PANRE, to get an idea of how much each topic is weighed. Kind of like how they have for the original PANRE, but it doesn't appear like a blueprint of any kind is coming out

Maybe I could use the old blueprint...

I kinda like the pilot program idea, but I'm wondering if I should just take the exam one time and get it over them rather than extending it out for 2 years...

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Don't see anything listed there about blueprint other than the questions will be based upon 'core medical knowledge'.

You do have up to 5 minutes to answer a question. I assume that the NCCPA realizes that there will be those that won't resist the urge to look something up. 

I think if you are someone that freaks out come PANRE time and abhor the few hours in the cubicle, then take a shot at this. I just entered my 10 year cycle, will only have one more PANRE before I call it a day (unless I am practicing after 70). So I am counting on all the kinks to be worked out.


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