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New Grad & desire to relocate

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I'm 30 days away from graduating. I've been applying to jobs locally and in Florida because that is where I want move back to. Taking boards in early January. My questions:
Is it best to wait until licensed to apply as a new grad out of state? 
Would it be better to move there first then apply?
So far my applications are not getting much response. I've had one call as a phone screening from Florida but I've been offered a job in locally Pennsylvania in ortho which is what I want to do. 
And yes, as another post pointed out it "violates" the "do not do as a new grad" list in the area of base pay and training pay until licensure makes me official. 

Any thoughts, comments are much appreciated!


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I suspect you are less likely to be taken as a serious candidate if you live out of state and have to move for a job. It is just a huge thing that has to be done for you to start work. If there are candidates locally...why talk to someone from out of state? It is just one more thing for a potential employer to have to worry about.

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