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  1. Have moved onto my 3rd job offer a as new grad. The only downfall is no health insurance offered since it's a small privately owned newer urgent care. Maybe I can get some experience and take some time before settling into something that checks ALL the boxes? Everything is ok about it: hours, pay, closed holidays, extra flat rate for each shift beyond the 3-12's a week, CME, PTO, malpractice covered. And it's in the area of Florida we've been hoping to relocate to. I feel like it might not be that big of deal to cover my own health insurance (individual plan) for a couple-few years. Knock on w
  2. Thanks for the responses! They all are very helpful and much appreciated!
  3. I will graduate in a month, take boards early Jan and have my first job offer in the specialty I want - Ortho. It's medium sized area in western PA and they've offered 75k as base. The fringe benefits as they call it is the employer paying for Malpractice, FICA Medicare, CME limit, association membership dues, and paying for my license. Does not mention anything about DEA license. 10 days PTO, 5 days CME, 6 days holidays. Also says they pay for health insurance. No mention of vision or dental. Secondly, don't all employers pay FICA Medicare? They added all this together as the "package v
  4. I'm 30 days away from graduating. I've been applying to jobs locally and in Florida because that is where I want move back to. Taking boards in early January. My questions: Is it best to wait until licensed to apply as a new grad out of state? Would it be better to move there first then apply? So far my applications are not getting much response. I've had one call as a phone screening from Florida but I've been offered a job in locally Pennsylvania in ortho which is what I want to do. And yes, as another post pointed out it "violates" the "do not do as a new grad" list in the area of
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