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9 hours ago, TracyAnn said:

Need advice. I am putting my application in for Jan 2019 matriculation. My prerequisite GPA is only 3.4, but my MBA GPA is 3.68. I am able to retake a class to raise my prerequisite GPA to 3.71, but do I really need to? 

By prerequisite GPA do you mean science GPA?

regardless it’s impossible to answer this question without knowing the whole picture... do you have 10,000 hours paid health care experience as a paramedic/emt or do you have 2000 hours as a home health aid (like I did) for example?  Your GPA could be fine if you fall into the solid paid experience but could hold you back if you have mediocre experience. 

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So this school allowed multiple ways to determine the application GPA. One is my overall MBA GPA. Another is of only the required prerequisites, the last is the last 40 hours of higher education.   So my question was do I need to retake a B course?

I think I know which school you are talking about because not many schools look at your last 40 credits. That being said if you look at posts from past application cycle threads most applicants have around 3.7 prerequisite gpa in addition to a high (3.7-3.8) recalculated gpa (masters, last 40, undergrad). Some users have stated that if you have more than two Bs in your prereqs that you might not get an interview based on his feedback from the school. Also on their supplement app you cannot submit a grade lower than a B-. I hope this helps! If you have the ability I would try to get the prerequisite gpa up and start volunteering if you haven’t already. Good luck!

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I would do everything in your power to get ALL pre-req grades to an A. This will you a good amount as well as make sure other aspects of your applications are in excellent order. Essentially you have to be willing to play the game of will this land me an interview with the literal HUNDREDS of other applications. Myself personally, I did everything I could to constantly work on my app and get it in good order and this year it more than proved it as I had 4 interviews (1 waitlist, 1 acceptance, 1 pending, and yes 1 denial)!

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All great advice. It is all school dependent and what their requirements are. Your GPA is good for most schools already. What you need to supplement that is with strong PCE, HCE, and volunteer along with a killer personal statements and LORs. Read carefully what the school you want to get into are looking for in a candidate. 

Also, know this and believe this, you will get into a PA program.

Good luck. 

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