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  1. Interviews will not be until the fall and they do 2 days worth of interviews. Last year it was 11/3-11/4.
  2. Jdabrowski

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Yes go midwest! I'm from MN too! I make my official move to start the program in August
  3. Jdabrowski

    Why is it so important to apply as early as possible?

    Interesting, as when I was in the application process and spoke with rolling admins programs they really emphasized getting mine in early because I was a lower GPA (3.2). Be prepared to not get in, but cross your fingers for getting in. Always look for ways to improve in the event you don't make it this cycle and you can't go wrong. Good luck!
  4. Jdabrowski

    Why is it so important to apply as early as possible?

    It is far better to wait 1 year and have a really top notch application all around, then to rush and hope when the cycle is near the end that you can get a seat.
  5. Jdabrowski

    2018-2019 Application Cycle

    Hello applicants! I am a PS-1 set to start the program at Methodist August 16th. If you have any questions regarding the program, application, or interviews I will do my best to answer and ask fellow classmates as well to get all answers for you. First interview is usually August. Good Luck!!!
  6. You will likely get an interview if your GRE is above 300. Please try to understand that no one can truly give you a clear idea of IF you will get accepted. You don't know who you are up against for seats. Just be yourself and let your awesomeness shine through and it will happen. I beat out people with far better statistics than myself, but they saw something in me. The best advice is apply early, apply broadly. Good luck!
  7. Jdabrowski

    2017-2018 Cycle

    As someone who took 2 tries to get into this program, definitely take their advice on why you were not selected. It can always help with applying to other programs. For me it was applying really late during my first cycle (seriously I applied in Sept and my stats for that late where no bueno), 2nd time around I applied by the middle of May, Invited to interview in September for October and accepted (literally still in shock). Keep pushing if this is your dream people, it WILL happen!
  8. Jdabrowski

    South College 2018 Start

    I don't think having the mark of "Top 10 University" accounts for much as there are too many factors to say what IS a top 10 university. As long as it is a 4 year.
  9. Hey everyone! Just got an email to interview with 3 dates selected! Last time I heard from Barry was in the summer so there is still hope!
  10. Jdabrowski

    Concerned boyfriend

    I have a 3.26 cGPA according to caspa and got in to 3 schools. Trying to get any and all pre-reqs to an A will help and show she is serious. Otherwise I agree with everything else that has been said above. Joining this forum might also be beneficial for her. It took me 3 cycles to get accepted if that helps her. If she wants it, she has to fight for it.
  11. I also have not heard anything yet, and I applied early on in the summer.
  12. Jdabrowski

    Months leading up to school...

    I am finishing biochem so that's been fun and trying to work as much as possible.
  13. Jdabrowski

    How to improve application

    I second this. I had 4 interviews, 3 acceptances this year from this book!
  14. Jdabrowski

    South College 2018 Start

    oh goodness no. The deadline isn't until March. I had a friend apply here in Late February and she got an interview in March/April and was accepted! There is still hope!
  15. Took me 3 years to get accepted. Keep busy, always work to improve your overall application in any way possible. This was my third year, and I had multiple offers! If you truly want it, keep moving forward!

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