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  1. Isn't there even less residencies for medical graduates due to lack of funding than there was 5 years ago?
  2. If they interview you, they will question the hell out of that and will want to see why you do, and how you would do better and if you have done anything to PROVE you will succeed. PA school is like compressed medical school but not as in depth with some of the basics in MS-1.
  3. Couldn't hurt! You could possibly work out a deal with them to pay part of your schooling if you sign a contract stating you will commit to X years of service for them? I have heard of some places doing this. (Just my opinion, but there are definitely people on here with a better answer than I have since I will start in August 2018 at school).
  4. I have not heard anything yet. Waitlisted from the first interview.
  5. I am sure you will be fine with getting accepted, but there is always a chance you could not get accepted. Just because you have top scores in some areas, you need to ask yourself what sets you apart from the other applicants? There will be multiple with high GPA's and such, but make sure your PS really shows why YOU are ideal for this profession. If the worst happens and you do not get it (don't forget the interview is a HUGE part and some just are not prepared) you must have grit to keep pushing if this is what you truly want.
  6. Get everything else on the application done as soon as the cycle opens. Start pre-writing your generic essay "Why PA" now. Get LOR's ready and have it good to go. Then submit once the class grades are posted and send off your transcripts in similar fashion to give you the best chance with rolling admins. Side note, 90% of my applications were done and confirmed by middle of May.
  7. Someone on the waitlist will get an email very soon of an acceptance. With the difficult decision, I have declined my offer of admission and will be attending school in NC. Good luck to everyone on the list!
  8. Just on the day of interview, the dual programs get another interview after the non duals. When I spoke with Wes after my interview in August that December will be the last interview, then the waitlist will start to move.
  9. I have not heard anything either and submitted about the same time as you.
  10. Just got offered a spot off the waitlist about 1 hour ago! Have some tough decision making to do as I am now accepted to 2 programs!
  11. Age and if the OP is thinking about it they should just do it is my thinking.
  12. Here is something you really need to understand, MOST of us did not get into PA school right away or in the first cycle. It took me 3 years to get in. A gap year to get PCE and figure out yourself and your passion for medicine is not a bad thing. Stop panicking about not getting in ASAP. A lot of people I know specifically took a year off between PA or medical school to gain experience. Just breathe. It is not the end of the world if you don't get in on the first try.
  13. I would retake them and try to get the A all around. You've been through them once so you should know which concepts you didn't quite understand. Get the pre-reqs A's and that does help your application.
  14. Depends on what is considered a pre-req at the schools you want to apply at. If they are pre-reqs retake them and do well, if not I personally would still retake one and then take another course.