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  1. Yep. the GRE is a weed out method for schools. They honestly don't give a crap as long as it is above a certain point. I talked to the admissions committees when I was applying 3 years ago and currently I am finishing my 1st year as a highly successful student if that gives some perspective.
  2. No, I retook some classes post bac at a community college if I could to save money. I did online biochem (lecture only) after getting accepted and they were fine with that ( I am in didactic year at Methodist). When in doubt contact Ms. Mish and she will give you the answers you need.
  3. Methodist has the reputation, and it is FAR cheaper. Also there is a scholarship is you qualify for it (the SDS).
  4. Never stop working for the goal which is to get acceptance. I can not stress enough you should ALWAYS be looking for ways to make a very well rounded application. Make that PS jump at them, make them WANT to meet you. I distinctly remember they asked me what would I do if I didn't get in, I said do whatever it took to prove and show them I am ready for this. Be adaptable. That is the #1 thing they look for, because you HAVE to adapt to change in your schedules and how things are going to function and how you study.
  5. Current student in 2020 cohort, pretty sure there are 2 more interview dates left for this cycle.
  6. Hi!! Current student here, we are taking a break for interviewing until January when they will start up again. Right now the cohort of 2019 is getting everything ready for their first clinical sites, the 2020 cohort just got done with midterms, and they are also focusing on the cohort of 2018 and graduation for them in December. Rest assured more interview will be happening!!! Hope that helps!
  7. Eat in the morning. Bring something to take notes. Let your personality shine! As my classmate explained there will be a student panel where you can ask questions of where to live, what we like about our program etc this is where the notebook to write things helps ? Good luck!
  8. In my opinion that NP is just wrong. I know medical students who didn't have nearly the hours that I did. I went from pharmacy to PA. Your experience is what you make of it. If you want to be a PA don't let her stop you. Most NP programs are online and don't have half of the clinical hours that PA programs require. If being a PA is what you truly desire, do not let anything stop you. I have more than a few people in my class that are older and switched fields. They don't regret it at all no matter their age. You can do it. Just remind yourself why you are doing it. And always feel free to ask anyone on here for advice.
  9. Yes!!! Nathan I am so glad you are applying! You will like this program better than MGH! We interviewed together there!
  10. Interviews will not be until the fall and they do 2 days worth of interviews. Last year it was 11/3-11/4.
  11. Yes go midwest! I'm from MN too! I make my official move to start the program in August ?
  12. Hello applicants! I am a PS-1 set to start the program at Methodist August 16th. If you have any questions regarding the program, application, or interviews I will do my best to answer and ask fellow classmates as well to get all answers for you. First interview is usually August. Good Luck!!!
  13. You will likely get an interview if your GRE is above 300. Please try to understand that no one can truly give you a clear idea of IF you will get accepted. You don't know who you are up against for seats. Just be yourself and let your awesomeness shine through and it will happen. I beat out people with far better statistics than myself, but they saw something in me. The best advice is apply early, apply broadly. Good luck!
  14. As someone who took 2 tries to get into this program, definitely take their advice on why you were not selected. It can always help with applying to other programs. For me it was applying really late during my first cycle (seriously I applied in Sept and my stats for that late where no bueno), 2nd time around I applied by the middle of May, Invited to interview in September for October and accepted (literally still in shock). Keep pushing if this is your dream people, it WILL happen!
  15. I don't think having the mark of "Top 10 University" accounts for much as there are too many factors to say what IS a top 10 university. As long as it is a 4 year.
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