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  1. Third time applicant with a 3.26 cgpa that got in. I am pretty opinion about dealing with a major life event during my college years and what it showed me I could do. My father passed and it took a toll, I show people that if I can overcome this major event to reach my goals, they can to. Anything is possible! Message me with what details you need and I can certainly provide the info!
  2. If you need to go over your application let us all know. I was a third time applicant and finally got accepted this cycle. Also there are some schools that are still interviewing.
  3. I am a third time applicant who also needed to beef up things for this year and 4 interviews, 1 acceptance so far I can help as well!
  4. I would do everything in your power to get ALL pre-req grades to an A. This will you a good amount as well as make sure other aspects of your applications are in excellent order. Essentially you have to be willing to play the game of will this land me an interview with the literal HUNDREDS of other applications. Myself personally, I did everything I could to constantly work on my app and get it in good order and this year it more than proved it as I had 4 interviews (1 waitlist, 1 acceptance, 1 pending, and yes 1 denial)!
  5. I know...they stated half full (20ish) but only 8 joined the online page so far.
  6. The online class page has 8 people total right now, I think I was told the class so far is like half full (even if only 8 people joined the online page so far)? If you are wondering to apply, I say go for it! The deadline is not until January.
  7. Did you apply?!?!
  8. How many hours do you have to work to qualify for assistance out of curiosity ( not that I would be able to do much if I could at all)
  9. I am in a similar situation about cost with programs after finding out one I am accepted to does not provide student health insurance and I am trying to balance cost of tuition with how much it could cost me to provide me own insurance. I may pick a different program due to this.
  10. It is open to anyone that is interviewing and in town that time :) Feel free to join!
  11. I asked a student who is assigned to me for the PA buddy part of the program, and she informed me she does have insurance and that a large number of students do the exchange to purchase health insurance and one student is paying like 400$ per month for his through it. I've always had insurance through my employer so I am not sure what to expect.
  12. MGH interviews this weekend.....That being said it is good to know the what if's and having a plan.
  13. Hey all! I was recently accepted to a PA program in North Carolina, however they do not provide student health insurance at the university for either undergrad or graduate students. Any ideas on when to start and what to look for? I will be 28 when I start, single, and currently live in MN. No major health concerns other than I am as blind as bat (however used to paying completely out of pocket for eye care). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Is there a facebook page that has been made for accepted students for the class of 2020?
  15. Duke is the best for a reason. If you get into the best school in the country with the school that started the profession, I would do everything in my power to make it work. Cost of living isn't bad for North Carolina. AND IT'S DUKE! Should not even be a debate here.