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  1. I am in the same boat as you guys. Hoping I can still get good news.
  2. Rejected email :( Good thing I am waitlisted at one other school, and have two more interviews.
  3. I was just going to ask if anyone received a rejection yet...GULP!!!
  4. I would love this theory. My heart is in my stomach right now.
  5. I haven't heard anything yet :( I am starting to get real nervous
  6. To those of us waitlisted from the first group (not sure how many if any were waitlisted from the second interview session), someone who was accepted from the first interview group declined their seat! Maybe one of us will hear something good!
  7. I think with the hurricanes our stuff might be on hold. They just had to evacuate (I saw on social media PA site so not 100% that his is true) all students and faculty from St. Croix due to the upcoming hurricane.....
  8. Throwing this out there again, does anyone who is interviewing 11/3 want to split a hotel room? My flight is looking like it will get in around 8:30pm on the 2nd. Let me know!!! So far the cost of hotels is more expensive than my flight!
  9. My cGPA from CAPSA reads a 3.26 when I graduated with a 3.41 (my undergrad college replaces your grades if you take it at the institution even after you graduate). Anyway, I have FOUR interviews, and a waitlist so far that hopefully will turn to acceptance, and I still have 8 schools to hear from. I am still jacked that I have only received 1 rejection so far. I agree with NeedMoreCoffee on the points they stated to compensate.
  10. This may be me and pessimistic, but I always assume the worst for apps and continue to always work and improve them in any way possible in the event that the worst happens. Start looking at ways to improve, add more volunteering, shadowing, PCE, and make sure all pre-req grades are A's. Good luck!
  11. Just got an interview invite for October 12!!! coming from MN!!!!
  12. My GRE is above 300 and I haven't heard back. Just trying to be positive :)
  13. There should be more that will get scheduled. They are behind due to being down a person. Most of you got an email from Kate Thomas when you applied? She left as she got her dream job of being a teacher so they are behind in pretty much everything.
  14. Yes retake it. I can tell you from personal experience they do NOT like C's in your last 40 credits or in your pre-reqs. I was able to take any classes at a CC for them to improve my pre-reqs to their recommended 3.75pre-req GPA.