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What is the best anatomy software?

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Hey all,


I'm getting pretty tired of searching back and forth through my anatomy text and the internet to find good views of various structures. (I'm on bones right now.) Is there some software where I could type in the name of a structure and it would offer me views (3D rotational would be great) and a brief explanation of the function of the structure? I feel like I could be learning much more quickly with the help of some technology.


So what's the best software program for anatomy study?


Thanks for any info!

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Look at nearby med schools, universities and community colleges. Find the real model - that's the ideal. I used a nearby community college that I wasn't attending (but had attended once - still, they don't check for ID's or anything) that had every model and slide. Just call college libraries and see what they had. The local med school also had some that I used once. Much better to use these as that's what you'll probably be tested over.

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