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  1. I just graduated last week. I have been offered a job in the ER. I know 5 others from my class who also have ER jobs already. Apply to more jobs, network as much as you can, knock on more doors, make more phone calls, etc. The journey of applying and suffering repeated rejection is frustrating, but remember that things can change for the better in an instant
  2. Hello, I am a PA student 1 month from graduation. I was invited for a face to face interview for a full time job in orthopedics very soon. The job is as a 1st assist in the clinic and the OR, seeing 30 patients per day in clinic. It is in a large non for profit organization with more than a dozen hospitals in the middle part of the country. The recruiter for the organization informed me how much they want to pay during a phone interview, and I proceeded to tap-dance around the question and avoided giving the recruiter a firm answer on how much I wanted. Overall the interview went well and n
  3. as a rule of thumb, you shouldn't date people from work unless you don't care about losing or leaving that particular job
  4. my associate degree wasnt going to get me where i wanted to be, so i went back to school to get a BS age 30 to 33. starting PA school at age 33!
  5. This about sums up my decision to be a PA as well
  6. Thanks guys! I was able to find this book for $1 + shipping http://www.abebooks.com/servlet/SearchResults?kn=Clinical+Pharmacology+Made+Ridiculously+Simple&sts=t
  7. I've been accepted to start PA school in May 2013. I have not /will not be able to take any pharmacology classes before PA school. Should I learn some pharmacology before school starts? If so, can anyone recommend any pharmacology books that teach some basics?
  8. Arcadia University PA class of 2015 Glenside campus has a facebook group page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ArcadiaUniversity.PAclassof2015.Glenside/
  9. I withdrew my application and scheduled interview at ATSU. Good luck everyone
  10. I interviewed last week, and this week received the golden Fedex letter. I'm excited to be a part of this program! Can anyone tell me where I should try to live while attending this program? Does anyone live in a nice place they are moving out of in May 2013? thanks
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