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Licensing Process

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Did anyone recently undergo licensing in Hawaii? If so, I have a few questions

- How long did the process take?

- If I don't have a set job yet, I understand that my license will be deemed "inactive." Is it easy to reactivate? 

- Lets say I have a full time job in one practice and a part time job moonlighting somewhere. Do I need to have both supervising physicians on my license? 


Thanks so much,


Newly minted PA-C

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I licensed 2 years ago.  The process took a couple months and the office is slow slow slow.  You want to get your SP agreement in ASAP.  They processed my license and then immediately inactivated me for not having an SP agreement.  Then I had to complete a reactivation form and pay a fee.  My argument that I was a new applicant and thus never activated to begin with didn't stand with them.  How can I reactivate something that was never active yet to begin with? 

Yes, you should have both on your license. 

Remember to get oral code (for verbal conversation with pharmacy) and NED number. 

Where will you be working?

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Thank you! I realized I checked this too late and underwent the same situation without having the SP agreement. But I got everything situated (although it took over a month!!!). NED number / oral code / DEA combined was shorter than the DCCA licensing process. Glad that's all behind me now, although my start date was pushed back because of it. 

I'm an outer island PA working in Primary Care / Psychiatry in waimea on the big island. 

Thank you again!

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