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  1. hipac

    Hawaii PAs

    We have been able to rx schedule II medications since 2015
  2. hipac

    Licensing Process

    Thank you! I realized I checked this too late and underwent the same situation without having the SP agreement. But I got everything situated (although it took over a month!!!). NED number / oral code / DEA combined was shorter than the DCCA licensing process. Glad that's all behind me now, although my start date was pushed back because of it. I'm an outer island PA working in Primary Care / Psychiatry in waimea on the big island. Thank you again!
  3. Took my test Monday, August 7th and received my results Monday, August 14th around 8:50 AM EST. Good luck, hope you passed Newly Minted PA-C
  4. hipac

    Licensing Process

    Hello, Did anyone recently undergo licensing in Hawaii? If so, I have a few questions - How long did the process take? - If I don't have a set job yet, I understand that my license will be deemed "inactive." Is it easy to reactivate? - Lets say I have a full time job in one practice and a part time job moonlighting somewhere. Do I need to have both supervising physicians on my license? Thanks so much, Newly minted PA-C
  5. These look like solid scores. I recently took the pance on (8/7/17) and agree that Kaplan q bank is more difficult than the pance itself. I was getting in the 60s - 70s on Kaplan and passed the pance by a decent margin. Definitely agree with above - continue to review, do practice questions, and stay as calm as possible during and after the exam. Most people pass this without a doubt and I believe those that don't let their nerves get the best of them on test day. Also for timeline I got my score this past Monday (8/14/17). Good luck! - Newly minted PA-C
  6. Hey christopherharris, When I interviewed here at PCOM Phila campus last year, it was in the order that you listed - meal, tour, and personal interview with the adcom. If you have a morning session then your meal is breakfast, if you're in an afternoon session it's lunch. You tour is given by a student (usually), and your interview is with two staff members and maybe a student. Oh, and before the interviews are conducted they have someone from financial aid give an overview about fin aid, and also a faculty member from the PA program does a formal presentation about the program and how it
  7. Hey guys! I'm a first year student here at PCOM in Philadelphia. Good luck to those applying, if you have any questions about PCOM or applying to PA school in general, feel free to send me a message through here. Just to let you know, PCOM is very a impressive school and if you're looking at PCOM then you're definitely looking in the right place! Just a rule of thumb, admissions will usually start to send out secondary application e-mails around august, and in that e-mail will be instructions on what happens next and how to submit your payment/essays/etc. For my personal timeline, I submit
  8. Hey, Definitely wear a suit. I personally wore a dark grey suit with a baby blue shirt and a grey striped tie. I would say if it looks good and it's not too flashy and you can pull it off then definitely go for it.
  9. Got an e-mail today, I was put on committee hold. I will be attending another program, best of luck to y'all! Seemed like an impressive program!
  10. Didn't really want to post one of these but I know what it's like to have lots of anxiety and reading stats that were close to me helped put my mind at ease. PM me if questions. Undergrad Ed School: Portland State University, major in Health Science minor in Chemistry Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.79 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.89 Age at application time: 23 GRE: Did not take Previous work: Resident Assistant, Research Volunteer in a surgical simulation lab at a teaching hospital, Patient Care Coordinator at an HIV clinic. Direct Patient Care: Polysomnographic Technologist (Registered)
  11. Try this one... https://www.facebook.com/groups/623743207736972/ If it doesn't work, message atabone and he'll add you to the group.
  12. I also got an acceptance letter today! I will be attending PCOM as well! So excited!
  13. Hopefully I get mine today or tomorrow, good luck! :)
  14. Had my interview on July 22nd, just got an email about my application status. Most of us will be in purgatory until December. Good luck everyone!
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