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New Grad Critical Care Offer - inputs requested

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Hello. New grad here. The following is my offer.

Expanding surgical ICU at a 1,000+ bed tertiary teaching hospital located in the Midwest. PAs and NPs are heavily utilized here and I felt a great sense of respect and camaraderie during the tour and the interview with the NP/PA manager and 2 attending docs. The position is 12-hr shifts (3 shifts/week for 4 of every 6 weeks and the other 2 of that 6 weeks is 4 shifts/week of work, which averages to 40 hrs/week)
-Pay: $95,000/year 
-Sign on bonus: $8,000 (Half paid after 3 months of work, 2nd half paid after 1 year)
-Relocation assistance: $3,000 
-Benefits: 30 days PTO per year, medical/dental/vision, 3% 401K match, malpractice insurance 
-Training/orientation for the first 4-6 months which ends based on mutual comfort level 
-CME ONLY $500/year (they say this is non-negotiable and set for all equivalent employees)


I would appreciate any and all input. Thank you! 

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Not a bad offer. Is there OT/holiday pay? Is there mandatory call? Also are you working nights or days? One of my friends works ICU nights, gets a pretty hefty differential, and is able to learn a lot and get maximum experience right out of school. 

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