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  1. It's only days (7AM to 7PM), work every 6 weekends. Don't have to work holidays. No mandatory calls. I believe there's no overtime pay.
  2. ProspectivePA

    Surgical PA Offer

    $85,000 would equate to $40.87/hr ($85,000/52/40). If it's an exempt position (salary pay) rather than non-exempt (hourly pay), you typically would not get overtime pay. So even if you end up working more than you were supposed to for the day, there is no 1.5x. However, if you work an extra day than you are supposed to (ex, decide to work for someone), you should get compensated for that extra day. On the other hand, if it's a non-exempt (hourly pay) position, usually there would be overtime pay and differentials (ex 1.5x for weekends, 2x holidays, etc). Personally, for that reason, I prefer non-exempt positions. Anyone reading this, please correct me if I'm wrong. I don't have any PA job experience as I'm a new grad, but I've worked other jobs before (exempt and non-exempt)
  3. Hello. New grad here. The following is my offer. Expanding surgical ICU at a 1,000+ bed tertiary teaching hospital located in the Midwest. PAs and NPs are heavily utilized here and I felt a great sense of respect and camaraderie during the tour and the interview with the NP/PA manager and 2 attending docs. The position is 12-hr shifts (3 shifts/week for 4 of every 6 weeks and the other 2 of that 6 weeks is 4 shifts/week of work, which averages to 40 hrs/week) -Pay: $95,000/year -Sign on bonus: $8,000 (Half paid after 3 months of work, 2nd half paid after 1 year) -Relocation assistance: $3,000 -Benefits: 30 days PTO per year, medical/dental/vision, 3% 401K match, malpractice insurance -Training/orientation for the first 4-6 months which ends based on mutual comfort level -CME ONLY $500/year (they say this is non-negotiable and set for all equivalent employees) I would appreciate any and all input. Thank you!
  4. ProspectivePA

    State Licensure- When to apply?

    Thank you to you both!
  5. Now that I took (and hopefully passed) the PANCE, I am wondering when I should apply for state licensure. I have not secured a job yet but know which state I will work in. Should I wait until I get hired (in hopes of having the state licensing fee paid by them) or just pay the fee myself before securing a job? Anyone have any advice?
  6. ProspectivePA

    Emergency Medicine Offer

    Great, thank you all for the responses. From your experience, if the salary was stated to be non-negotiable, does that mean benefits aren't either? Does anyone have any cases where they were told the offer was non-negotiable but was able to ask and get granted better benefits?
  7. Please help me with this offer. It is for a full-time EM position as a new grad in a midwestern US city. The hospital is a large, renowned level I trauma center with resident coverage. I was told that PAs are used to "full potential," as in we are given great autonomy, but do always have a physician available for any questions/assistance. Schedule is three, 12-hour shifts per week (36 hours per week). First 3-6 months will be a training period, at which I will be paid 90% of the salary pay, and then 100% after training is completed. Salary: $98,500, non-negotiable Bonus: Tuition repayment assistance of $5,000/year PTO: 30 days/year (includes sick days, vacation and holidays) CME: $1,000 allowance Full medical, vision, dental insurance Short and long term disability coverage paid 100% by employer Basic life insurance up to $500,000 paid 100% by employer Savings and Investment plan - employer matches 50% up to 6% of pay
  8. ProspectivePA

    Class of 2017!!

    Anyone else in the waitlist received the waitlist update email last week and is still waiting?
  9. ProspectivePA

    Caspa 2015-2016

    It depends on the deadline of your school. The later the deadline, I suppose the earlier it would be. Regardless, late May sounds early.
  10. Undergrad Ed School: University of Connecticut Major: Bachelors in Dietetics Cumulative Undergrad. GPA: 3.36 Science Undergrad. GPA: 3.34 Age at application time : 23 GRE taken June, 2014: 152 V (53%), 155 Q (61%), 4 W (54%) Direct Patient Care : (type & hours) Clinical Dietitian at a hospital - 2,400 hours Emergency Medical Technician - 600 hours Shadowing: 4 PAs (Gastroenterology PA, Geriatric PA, Surgical PA, and a private practice PA) Schools Applied (10): Tufts, Yale, Quinnipiac, Pace, Weill Cornell, NYIT, UC Davis, Touro in CA, Duke, University of Florida Application Submitted Date: 6/28/14 Interview Invites (8): Tufts (attended), Yale (attended), Quinnipiac (attended), Cornell (attended), Pace (attended), UC Davis (declined), NYIT (declined), UF (attended) Still waiting to hear from: Touro Denied: Duke (no interview invite), Cornell (after interview) Waitlisted: Tufts, Yale Accepted: UF and Pace! Still waiting to hear from Quinnipiac - will update Attempt: 1st Few words of advice if you care: First of all, make sure you REALLY want to become a PA. Your motivation should be deep within your heart and this will be evident in your application and interview. Research the career. Research PA schools ASAP and look into their mission/admission requirements/statistics, etc to make sure they are a fit for you. (FYI admission requirements may change year-by-year and you may not qualify for the next year even if you did before so continually check). Shadow as many PAs as you can to get a good feel for what you're getting into. Second: With a lackluster GPA and GRE score, I wasn't sure if I would get an interview invite to even one of the schools. However, I did not let this bring me down. I planned WELL in advance (two years before I submitted the application) and made sure my other application aspects were much superior. I wrote a moving essay from my heart that conveyed my sincere commitment for this career, my maturity, and my personality. I made sure I volunteered and worked as much as my time allows so my health care experience was competitive. I built a strong rapport with my references well before I requested them to write it for me (kept in touch with them over time, gave them a thank you note if they allowed me to shadow them as well as after they wrote the recommendation letter). I retook particular courses that I did not do very well in during the summer breaks (yes you, biochemistry!). I read some books that help prepare for PA school application (Ex: The Ultimate Guide to Getting into Physician Assistant School and How to "Ace" the Physician Assistant School Interview by Andrew Rodican). I applied as EARLY as I can (3+ months before the application deadline). Last but not least: BREATHE and "enjoy" the process. Don't let any feelings of premonition stress you out. Though being anxious and stressed can be a natural response, I realized this is futile so I made sure I wasn't stressed too much from PA school application. This helped me feel very comfortable during the interview and be myself. I strongly believe a combination of the above helped me get an interview invite to 8 of the 10 schools I applied to so far! I'm not anyone special and if I can get into PA school, you most surely can as well! Please don't hesitate to ask for any questions. I was in your shoes only a moment ago and before you know it, we'll be practice PAs saving lives!
  11. ProspectivePA

    2014-2015 CASPA Cycle

    Interviewed this past Monday (12/15) and got my acceptance email this morning!
  12. ProspectivePA

    Application cycle 2014-2015

    Nope. I interviewed at October 8, they told us we'll hear in 10 days and no response so far.
  13. ProspectivePA

    UF Class of 2017 Applicants

    Got my acceptance call this morning!

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