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New graduate Cardiology offer

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I have an offer from private cardiology practice in coastal California a few hours North of LA. I was hoping to get some feedback on the offer. They had a previous NP who got a job closer to home that they would be replacing. Here are the highlights.

Monday - Friday 8-5 No call, No weekends 

Salary 100k

2 weeks PTO and 1 week sick 

1 week for CME 1500 for CME

Malpractice covered

Employer pays 75% of medical, dental and vision plans offered

401K with a 5% contribution whether I put any money in or not

License and DEA reimbursement 

I really like the practice. When I interviewed the physicians made it clear they were more concerned about finding a good fit rather than someone with experience. The position would be all in the office to start stress tests, med titrations etc.. with opportunity to hopefully get into the hospital once I get my feet wet. I would have about a 35 minute commute which isn't horrible as it would be all highway and my car gets good gas mileage. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!


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