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Seeking advice on how many pre-reqs to take in a semester

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I had a question on how many pre-reqs to take in a semester?


. I had already completed at Bachelor's in Nutrition way back in 2013. I had a cumulative gpa of 2.850. Most of my prereqs ranging from organic, to general chemistry where all expired and majority had c's except for Chemistry which had a B but I assumed since it's been almost 9 years I should retake it.


I had spent last year  and  anatomy and physiology and got an A and B in the second part. And got an A in microbiology. It was a community college. 


I contacted a few PA programs near me and they told me that it was in my best interest to obtain a post bacc or do a masters to strengthen my application. The only issue is I can't take out money for a whole master's in physiology or relocate to the other city were the post bacc was. They said I could retake courses but I had to take more than one a semester. And I would also have to retake the anatomys and microbiology.


So I would have to retake general chemistry, biochemistry, and organic chemistry, maybe two more bios (The school said anatomy 2 can fit in this) and medical termionology. How many courses should I take in one semester? Would it be advisable to take gen chem 1 and organic chem 1 together and then anatomy 1 again ? I know it's going to be hard to take 12 semester hours and working. 

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Are you working full time? I wouldn't take more than 2 classes per semester if that's the case, because you do need to account for the labs as separate classes as well, typically. I would couple A&P 1 with gen chem 1, then the following semester tackle orgo (or chem 2? If you need it...) Simply because there may be things that you've forgotten in chem that can benefit you in orgo. I find A&P and gen chem to be complementary to each other in some ways. At the end of the day you are trying to boost your GPA, so you don't want overwhelm yourself and end up withdrawing or doing poorly.



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You need to keep a 4.0 in every class from here on out.  How fast can you go while doing that?


HCE accumulates, GPA averages.  You do yourself no favors by getting anything other than a solid A in every class you take.


What they're saying about taking more than one a semester is that they want to see you can handle multiple hard science classes and still do well.  Well, that's all well and good if you can do that along with all your other real-life obligations, but you CANNOT start getting Bs, else you'll never get above 3.0 cumulative, which is a very important line to cross.

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I know I can't get B's. My only issue is that this will be my third time retaking human anatomy one which in undergrad was a B, A at the Tech school, and Microbiology was also taken previously undergraduate and was a C. This would be my third round taking it. I don't know if it will wind up hurting in the long run that I have three rounds of each of those courses.


I'm going to try to see if I'll be able to apply for a master's. Thank you all for your responses.

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