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NHSC scholarship and cost of attendance/ loan eligibility

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So I'm wondering about this: My program starts in June and I took out the full amount of aid offered (money has been tight and I want to use some of it to catch up). If I am fortunate enough to get the scholarship will this then affect my eligibility for the loan because my cost of attendance will be covered? Will I be able to choose to keep part of the loan or will I have to give it all back? If anybody has experience with this I would love to hear from you.

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If I'm not mistaken, it is your responsibility and up to your discretion to return any loan money. The NHSC scholarship funds aren't disbursed until around October or November, so your program will have already disbursed your loan to you by that point. The aid from your school will already be in your account (the school automatically deducts tuition from your financial aid package and any remaining funds are disbursed as a refund check) and therefore it will be up to you to return any loan money you no longer need. 


The NHSC will repay you for those loans that you had to take out while awaiting their decision, however, should you be selected to receive the scholarship. In that case, you submit an itemized invoice to them detailing the student loans you had to take out to pay for school. But that is only true for the first fall semester. After that, if you choose to take out additional loans, you're on your own. 

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@RainOnNeptune Congrats to you on receiving the NHSC scholarship. I have been doing some research but I have not seen a NHSC scholarship program for PAs. I only thought the scholarship was offered to MD students while in school. May you please direct me to the link to apply? I am hoping to get into PA school, I had two interviews after many cycles, so I am grateful. I have a master's already so my loan debt is about max from the FEDs. Any tips on how you were awarded the scholarship? 

Many Thanks!!!

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