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  1. I think I will just need to talk to him again tomorrow and say no. If he fires me for that what can I do? When he was twisting my arm he suggested that I try to wean people off and I am aware that this will be an absolute nightmare. I just feel like if I suddenly start writing for a bunch of controlled substances 2 months into practice even with the intention of tapering it is going to look bad. Unfortunately the whole role of SP is frankly ridiculous at this place, I have nobody I can really talk to. I took the job because I am a a NHSC scholar and it was the only thing going anywhere near where I lived.
  2. So I am a new grad who case been practicing only a few months. I am at a busy fqhc where I work in primary care. A lot of my patients are very sick/complicated, and I have 15 minute appts. So today I was approached by the CMO and told that the pain management guy we had working with us will be leaving soon. He asked me if I felt comfortable continuing to prescribe the pain meds "my patients" have been receiving. When I said I wasn't comfortable he asked me if my license or my patients were more important to me. Long story short he was pressuring me and while I didn't say yes I didn't say a hard no either. I feel like I want to send him an email with a more definitive no but I'm worried about repercussions. Any advice?
  3. This was my thought as well. One thing I'm not clear on: Is "offer letter" synonymous with "contract" in this context? If I sign their offer letter can I still back out?
  4. Hello again! I just received my official offer letter for this position and I am feeling concerned because it states in writing even less than was told to me on the phone. Basically the offer letter states that I would be an "exempt" 40hr/week employee receiving a salary of $98,000/year. For insurance the letter says that employees are offered a "variety of health benefits and the opportunity to prepare for retirement by enrolling in their 403(b)". The health and welfare plans provided include medical, dental, life insurance products, and short-term disability. Currently they pay the premium for short-term disability and an equivalent of 100% of your annual salary to a maximum of $50,000 for basic life insurance if you meet eligibility requirements. Additionally, they also "contribute toward the medical plan option". But they don't say how much they contribute, or what the eligibility requirements are. It also says they will give specifics regarding the 403b at orientation but when I asked about it on the phone I was told there is no match but there is profit sharing (?). I will accrue PTO at a rate of 8.31 hrs/pay period for 27 days per year, available after 180 day probationary period. There is no mention in the letter of license reimbursement, dependent care reimbursement, or profit sharing, all of which were vbally mentioned to me on the phone. I am unsure how to proceed and could use some advice. I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid but I have a bad feeling about it, but for logistical reasons such as the fact that it meets my NHSC scholarship criteria and my husband could keep his job if I take it I am feeling a lot of pressure. They also want an answer within 5 days but already called me moments after sending it to set up the pre-employment physical. I don't have any other good options at the moment and also need to move out of the house we're renting by July 1st because my landlord wants to sell. If anyone has any good advice I would love to hear it!
  5. Hello! I was just searching online trying to find out whether it is possible to obtain a temporary license to practice in NC. I was looking at the NC Medical Board and found the license application but nothing about a temporary license. If anyone has any experience with obtaining a license in NC about how long did it take you?
  6. The city is Hartford CT. 16-18 patients per day on average. They have had new grads before, and more will be starting at the same time I do. From what I gather there is pretty extensive "hand holding" at first, (their words not mine). When I find out more specifics I will update. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. I just got my first job offer! This is for a FQHC located in northwestern CT The offer was made verbally, over the phone. The HR director said they dont send an offer letter until you accept the offer, which makes 0 sense to me. Is that typical? She also said I have only 3 days to make my choice. I asked to see a summary of the benefits and she said she would email me one, but she hasn't yet. The verbal offer was for 98,000 a year 27 days PTO, 9 holidays 3 personal days 5 days 1000$ CME Rotating call, no additional reimbursement Liscense/DEA etc reimbursement I will be expected to rotate between offices around the city, and also provide care on their mobile van and in homeless shelters etc, often on short notice. This would be a good site because my husband could keep his job. What do you think?
  8. @pelicanfly Hello! I did as suggested and requested a change in advisor. It was moderately helpful. The one I have now doesn't seem to know much more but she is more willing to answer questions so that's helpful. I am looking in Western MA and CT mostly, and have pretty much accepted that I will be moving, but I am hopeful that I will be able to move an hour or so away. I need at least an 18. Good luck in your search!
  9. I forgot to add that this would be my first job, I don't graduate until early May.
  10. Hello! I am so happy to finally be able to post here! I am a current NHSC scholar looking for a job, there really aren't any opportunities where I currently live. So I reached out to this practice, and they set up an interview for Wednesday with me today, and they also sent me a document with their current provider benefits on it. I don't know the salary yet, as I haven't even been to the interview. So here's the rundown of what I know: 1. Eligible to use PTO after 90 days 2. Here's what it says about personal time: Maximum eligibility: - Regular employees, 20 hrs a week and up prorated for 20-39 hrs (what does this mean?) - Regular full time employees accrue 4 weeks of vacation per year 3. Personal time: - Regular employees, 20 hrs a week and up prorated for 20-39 hrs - Regular full time employees receive 24 hrs personal PTO 4. Sick time: - prorated based on time worked -1 hour of time per 30 hours worked, 40 hours max per year 5. Extended sick time - Regular employees, 20 hrs a week and up prorated for 20-39 hrs -24 hours of extended sick time to be used following 3 consecutive days of regular sick time 6. 403b - Employee contribution vested 100% immediately - discretionary match: 50% of first 5% of employees contribution CME: 1500$ and 5 paid days Health insurance- 4000$ deductible, they pay 75% Dental- 57.82 biweekly Life insurance- paid Flex spending 11 paid holidays, some of which you may have to work and have the hours added to your vacation, depending on whether your site is open. What do you think? Also, if anyone knows of a good opportunity with a primary care clinic with a HPSA score of at least 18 I would love to hear about it. I would be more than willing to move for the right work environment!
  11. I have been trying to talk to mine for weeks, and the one time she did call me back she asked for Dr. Mylastname and started suggesting that I move to Boca Raton. When I asked about sites there she was like Oh. For a PA there aren't any -___- I guess I'll just start making phone calls, I just didn't want to start calling and have them tell me it was too early. I have sent out a few emails with my resume and heard nothing back. Thanks for taking the time to respond!
  12. Hello! I am a current recipient of the NHSC scholarship who will be graduating in May. I'm looking for advice from people who have gone through the job search process. I have some specific questions, such as: Are there other resources to find leads other than the health workforce website? Does "approved site" mean I can work there, or would the site need to do something more to be elegible? I have been googling and found lists of approved sites by state, some of which have a high enough score for my year (18). However, these sites aren't listed on the health workforce site. Does this make them ineligible? How long before graduation did you start expressing interest to potential sites? I would also appreciate any more generic advice you might have. I am willing to travel anywhere in the country for the right job/community (I have kids and a husband so I want to go somewhere their needs will be met) and if anyone knows of a good site that might be hiring next summer I would love to hear about that too. ? Thank you to anyone who takes the time to answer!
  13. I just finished my didactic year and I feel your pain. We had a variety of lecturers over the year, some were great and some were awful. We had a strict attendance policy, which is a whole other problem. We also had a ridiculous amount of busy work to do each week, so I sat in class and did that, while listening with half an ear for someone to say something useful. I would have gone insane if I couldn't multitask, the pace was so terribly slow and dull most of the time.
  14. For the first half of the year we weren't allowed to see the exams afterward, just a report with general information on how we did on each topic. We are now allowed to view the exam with the right answers selected briefly after we take it, which is much better.
  15. I like to watch videos. Hippo education has great videos and our class was able to get a group discount on it. Osmosis videos are good too.
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