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Hospice/Palliative Care Home Visits on the side?

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2 years out of PA school, currently doing surgery, family clinic and wound clinic. Small town about an hour away from Phoenix, Az. I was approached today about doing some side work with hospice/palliative care home visits. They are not set up in my current town but will be shortly and they want me to see pts for them when I have time. I will be meeting tomorrow with a lady who is over this whole area, who will give me more specifics.


Any questions that I should be asking? Anyone have experience with this kind of work? Does this work pay well? Is this a good way to increase my income?  Any red flags that I should be aware of? Pros and Cons of doing this kind of medicine?

Any and all thoughts are appreciated!!

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1) 1099 or employee

2) hourly rate or flat rate

3) paid for travel?

4) how document your visit - paper and pen, EMR, and the line

5) who is SP and how to connect with them

6) expected number to see in a day

7) Are you expected to manage acute/chronic issues? Or do you report to another provider

8) if you are expected to manage patients - how do you learn about them? EMR?

9) are you expected to write meds? If so are they doing to pay for license to prescribe?

10) How are they billing your visit? Or are you paid out of overhead for hospice?

11) who pays malpractice insurance (yes you need this)

12) will they pay for some CME for Hospice or palliative care?

13) what is the long term goal of the agency

14) are they aware PAis not a recognized hospice provider?

15) are they aware that they can not bill medicare for your visit under ANY OTHER providers UPIN

16) are they going to give you laptop and cell phone

17) what do they provide for equipment? Otoscope/ophthalmoscope bag, flashlight, and little things

18) are you functioning as a PCP? If so you should decline call

19) how are you scheduled - should have a weekly min # if you want to (think of it as a part time job with a min # of hours)

20) is okay with out a min - as long as you are aware



That is all I can think off the top of my head... I did a house call practice for 3 years (my own practice) so this is just off the top of my head

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