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  1. At a small critical access hospital in Arizona that employs 5 PAs. The hospital also utilizes many physicians that come into town that also bring their own PAs/NPs. We are all involved in wound clinic, family clinic, UC, and first assisting in the OR. We have never really had a voice at the hospital and are essentially left out of all meetings including meetings where PAs are discussed. We have many managers and physicians that we answer too on a daily basis, which can get very confusing. My question is...is there any good resources for getting PAs more involved and having a voice? Should PAs be a voting member on the MEC? Is it unreasonable to have a Lead PA that funnels and distributes information to the other PAs? Thoughts...
  2. Rural area in Critical Access Hospital. 3 years out of school. Base 120K 15 dollars per pt visit. Take 2 weeks of call a month for first assist cases only. Average 50 hours a week. Busy with family clinic, first assisting in the OR for all surgeons, and at times wound clinic, surgery clinic and ortho clinic. This year will make around 210K.
  3. I work for a small critical access hospital in AZ. I was hired as a surgical PA who helped in General surgery clinic and first assisted for general, ortho and ob/gyn. I was also seeing pts in the wound clinic as well. This slowly turned into seeing pts in the family clinic and just first assisting as there was a need in the family clinic. They now want me to drop family clinic where I have been for 2 years and switch over to Ortho as there is again... a need. The reason for this is because the hospital hired another PA for only family clinic when we didn't really need one. The orthopedic dr isn't really that busy but says that he may leave if he doesn't get help. Administration has approached me about switching to Ortho full time. I am comfortable with where I am at in the family clinic and assisting in surgery as needed. They are asking me to drop and pick a new area of medicine on the drop of a dime. My contract says that I work at the hospital and clinic, it does not define what my roles are (huge mistake on my part). I feel like I am getting the short end of the stick here, as they are catering to this new hire PA. At what point does it become excessive to keep switching? Can I say no? Has anyone else worked for a small hospital where they have been asked/told to change specialties? I am at a loss of what to do. I don't really want to work in ortho full time and have expressed those feelings but I expect them to force me. Thoughts? I am also contemplating that if they make me do this, and want me to essentially be a PA who can cover all clinics (family, gen surgery, ortho, and wound clinic) at a moments notice then they need to pay me more...
  4. Rbnz


    So I am currently a surgical PA for the past 3 years. Hoping to transition into IR with an interview coming up. Typical IR PA salary? What should I be looking for in a good IR offer? I would be doing routine IR procedures: piccs, central lines, para/thora etc... Any advice would be great! Thanks
  5. Finished school with 165K (some left over from undergrad). Wife stays home with our 2 kids. Took a job in a small rural community. I have put in on average 52 hours a week and have taken about 20 days of call a month since starting for the extra income. Work, work, work is what I have done for the past 2.5 years. We are now down to about 40 K and I plan to have this paid off by the end of the year. No new cars, small vacations (nothing elaborate or expensive), rent, nothing elaborate for Christmas/birthdays, did not go out much (we got creative for date nights), etc... We also did not consolidate our loans. We started with paying off the highest interest loans and have continued to do that till now. Our monthly payments are now down to 450 a month which has allowed us to hit them even harder due to the lower interest accruing. This has not been easy!!!! But was our goal by moving to a place with no amenities, crappy schools, no parks, etc... It is totally painful to send thousands of dollars a month to the government. KEEP GOING!!! Sacrifice, work 2 jobs, move for a better job (always be looking for a better opportunity), move in with family, just do what you have to do to become financially secure and out of debt. Just my 2 cents.
  6. I am currently working in a small rural clinic/hospital doing family clinic and first assisting in surgery. I signed a new contract about a year ago which has a non-compete clause in it. I have a job offer in the same town doing occupational for a large corporation seeing only their employees. I would not be in competition with my current employer at all as I would only be seeing people at that site. Do you suspect that this may be a problem? Would this non-compete inhibit me from taking this job?
  7. 2 years out of PA school, currently doing surgery, family clinic and wound clinic. Small town about an hour away from Phoenix, Az. I was approached today about doing some side work with hospice/palliative care home visits. They are not set up in my current town but will be shortly and they want me to see pts for them when I have time. I will be meeting tomorrow with a lady who is over this whole area, who will give me more specifics. Any questions that I should be asking? Anyone have experience with this kind of work? Does this work pay well? Is this a good way to increase my income? Any red flags that I should be aware of? Pros and Cons of doing this kind of medicine? Any and all thoughts are appreciated!!
  8. 1.5 years out of school. Signed on for 96K a year doing general, ortho and OB/GYN surgery. When not in the OR or helping the surgeons I am in family clinic seeing pts and or the wound clinic. I actively see pts in all areas. I also was taking 50/50 call coverage for surgery. My fellow PA just left which leaves me with almost all the call each month. I am paid hourly at 47 an hour. I actively see pts in each area, sometimes daily. I feel justified in asking for a raise because I am covering so many areas of medicine. This past year I averaged about 3000 hours of call time and worked on average 50-60 hours a week. I do not get paid overtime pay as I am salary exempt. So this past year I made about 140K, but that was working my A off. Thoughts on asking for a raise. The only reason I made that much was due to the amount of call I took and the hours I worked. I feel since I am being asked to cover all these areas and essentially saving them money I should be up in the 55 an hour range. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Surgical PA one year out, that signed a contract as being a "physician assistant", not a surgical PA. Biggest mistake of my life. I work at a small critical access hospital that has surrounding family/urgent care clinics. The other PA I work with is another surgical PA as well. The current situation is that there are no providers to cover one of the clinics for a week and they want us to cover the clinic for one day each. I know that my contract doesn't state surgery only, but can they force me to cover a clinic? I went to talk with the clinic manager and told him that I did not want to cover the clinic due to their poor planning, and also said "hypothetically what if I said no to covering the clinic", his response was that it wouldn't go over well for me and that I am an employee of the hospital and they can force me to cover the clinic. This is a small thing in a growing list of problems where I work. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. So angry!
  10. Out patient IR position. Doing arthrogram procedures, PICCs, Central lines, epidurals for pain management, paracentesis, thoracentesis, etc... But was told mainly joint injections using arthrogram. Offer: 95K, typical benefits, no call, unknown amount of cme, cme $$, or pto yet. And an unknown bonus from the radiologists every 6 months that may be anywhere from 0-10,000$. 8-5 every day. There may be in the future a chance to take some call and do some procedures for the Drs in the hospitals and make some more money that way but they said they are not sure yet. Honestly I think this is very low for this type of job. I am countering with 110K base for the first year as they train me. Then I want 5% of my billing for year 2 and 3 and then 10% for the remaining years. Would this be fair??? Thoughts???
  11. 1 year in as a surgical PA working ortho, oby/gyn and general surgery. Applied for an IR position and am currently interviewing/negotiating with them. I don't know any IR PAs, so here I am asking questions. They are offering 110 K, Mon-Fri 8-5, no call, no weekends. And typical bennies. I would be the first IR PA they would have. They currently have an RPA but need someone who can do procedures without direct oversight. -Typically salary for IR PA? -Length of time it would take to feel comfortable in doing most procedures? -I was thinking of asking for a base salary around 110K the first year and then once trained I would want a % of my billing. 25%? 20%? Is this unreasonable to ask after being trained? Any thoughts on becoming/training to be a IR PA would be great. Thanks!
  12. I am a new grad working at a small CAH in Arizona. I was told that they want me wound certified but I need to have 2 years experience of being a PA before I can get that certification. Is this true? Do you need 2 years experience in order to get that certification? Just wondering if any one else is certified in wound care. Thanks
  13. Graduated about 9 months ago with 160K. I pay about 3-4K a month towards the loans. Hopefully will have them gone in about 5 years. We live pretty comfortably, but definitely still live like a student. We don't go out to eat often, watch our power and water usage, and rent a small apartment. I think this is his saying... "Live like nobody else now, so we can live like nobody else in the future" -Dave Ramsey- Its hard living like this after your done with school with a good income, but you have to pay back the government. Or you can vote for Bernie (which I would not recommend) :).
  14. I really appreciate everyones advice. He is listed as a SP for me, along with all the surgeons. There is no certain number of hours stated on my contract that I can work. CEO does not have any medical training. It really comes down to the way they are going about this. If they would have approached us and said this is what we are thinking, what are your ideas/thoughts, it would have been totally different. Also, would it be unreasonable to ask for RVUs instead of a pay increase?
  15. Small town in Arizona. I tried negotiating for more money but they would not budge and it was more than any other offer I had. As far as it being allowed?? I don't know. When they had me sign papers when I was hired on, they had listed all the surgeons and the family practice doctor as being a SP for me.
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